International MA programme Interior Architecture

The contemporary world is characterised by complexity and rapid change, affecting also the profession of an interior architect. Our programme is based on the principle that a set of design skills, in the narrow sense of the term, is not sufficient for interior architects/spatial designers to be successful in their profession. They also need to understand the broader context and be able to adjust their solutions to the changing situations.

Our curriculum is divided in two main axes:

  1. The first, so-called ‘hi-tech’ axis deals with the interaction between spaces and people, and the ways high technology and smart materials help improve that interaction.
  2. The second, so-called ‘low-tech’ axis is based on the notion that if we have good knowledge of our surrounding broader contexts, such as climate, nature, economy and culture, and their interrelationship, then rich imagination and primitive materials are all we need to create fresh quality spaces.

During the first academic year, students will be participating in the projects on both axes to an equal extent. The second academic year will be dedicated to the master’s project. With the entire process, we are creating opportunities for students to find and train their personal creative expression.



The overall objective of the Master’s curriculum is to prepare an independent creative person, who is able to create personalised three-dimensional environments, combining architecture, design, art and technology into a coherent whole and lead the implementation of their interior architecture projects.

The curriculum provides skills to analyse critically, develop, and experiment with the different aspects of the creation of spatial environment and helps to develop a personal creative approach. It focuses on providing in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for qualified professional work with the aim of preparing the students with skills to create interior architecture projects independently.


Tuition fees

There’s no tuition fee for the interior architecture Master’s programme


Admission requirements (for 2017; 2018 requirements might differ slightly)

  • Application
  • 50€ application fee
  • Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture or a related subject
  • Official, notarised transcript of records (translated into Estonian, English or Russian)
  • Proof of English proficiency: FCE or CAE, IELTS 5.5+ or TOEFL 70+
  • Copy of the data page of your passport or ID card
  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Essay on possible Master thesis topics (2 to 3 topics, max 1500 characters, pdf format)
  • Assignment (to be specified when admission opens)
  • Interview (on location or via Skype)


Read more about the Master’s programme application process


Admission to our international MA programme in Interior Architecture will open again in Spring 2018. Meanwhile, we invite you to sign up for our department’s newsletter, and we promise to send you reminders once admission is open and information about the exams. Leave your details here.


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