Additional Studies

The Estonian Academy of Arts offers a variety of opportunities for professional preparation and self-development outside the classical curricula. The most numerous courses are offered at the Open Academy. It is the largest continuing education center in Estonia dedicated to the development of creative thinking and skills, with a programme of both professional and hobby courses. In addition to shorter formats, it is possible to take part in basic courses, which are one academic year of continuing education with a curriculum approved by the EAA Senate, or to look towards microcredits. The latter are labour-market oriented continuing education courses designed by the EAA departments to open up new professional competences.

On the other hand, the Open Academy offers preparatory studies for university entrance through a pre-academy programme. The pre-academy is a good opportunity to get acquainted with different creative industries, develop professional knowledge and skills and prepare for admission and study at the EAA. Young people aged between 16 and 26 are welcome to present their work at the end of the course and receive useful feedback for application or further self-development.

For degree studies, it is possible to join the sessional Design and Innovation programme, where the programme is spread over four years and contact hours are held in the second half of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) twice a month. The cyclical curriculum includes 4 specialisations:

  • Visual Communication (Visual Communication BA)
  • Visual Communication (Visual Communication BA) Fashion Design Management BA (Fashion Design Management BA).
  • Interior Design BA (Interior Design BA)
  • Product and Environmental Design BA (Product and Environmental Design BA)