Today, textile design is filled with opportunities, and is one of the fastest growing areas in design and technology. Textiles are used in medicine, architecture, construction, the defence industry, etc. With its experiments and research, the Department of Textile Design builds bridges between various areas of activity: experiments are made in the field of interactive textiles, while the challenges of social design and sustainable enterprise are met. Naturally, the design of traditional textiles for clothing and interior furnishings, with its hundred-year old tradition, has not been forgotten.

• “The Academy’s textile department wants to be present at the place where textiles meet science thereby creating the various possibilities for using textiles in today’s world.” Terje, MA I

• “Preferably innovative and encouraging. But also using traditional techniques to find new solutions and approaches.” Liisa, MA I

• “Textiles play an important role in the design of our environment, primarily by improving its quality. In addition to their decorative purposes, textiles have a series of important functions in various fields of activity, like medicine, the military, sports, construction, etc.” Liina, MA I

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News and events


Textile exhibition “Binding matter”

Infinite Life Gallery’s first exhibition „Binding Matter” will be open from the Thursday, March 28 at 6pm at LVLup! Museum. Infinite Life Gallery is LVLup! video game museum’s side project, located in ARS Art Factory. The exhibition will remain open until April 21. Textile artists group exhibition „Binding Matter” observes the nature and meaning of materials. Balancing on the borders of ...

“Seen as unseen” by Misa Asanuma & Liina Leo

The collaborate exhibition implies the question of what is being hidden/revealed from the observers. The focus is on the relationships between inner and outer layers, covering and core, mask and truth. Covering or wrapping functions as the filter transmitting or blocking out the qualities of contents. In a selective way, it’s shaping the communication between inside and out. Both artists are ...
Expert committee: the Estonian Academy of Arts and its activities have visibility both in Estonia and internationally

Expert committee: the Estonian Academy of Arts and its activities have visibility both in Estonia and internationally

The Quality Assessment Council of the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA) has given institutional accreditation to the Estonian Academy of Arts for the maximum period of seven years. The international committee that carried out the assessment highlighted EAA’s thorough and participatory development activities and cooperation both within Estonia and ...
Textile Futures Estonia

Textile Futures exhibition and afternoon

25.09 – 01.10 Exhibition: https://www.facebook.com/events/853305954845876/ 29.09 15.00 Talk: https://www.facebook.com/events/123706798363506/ The ways that materials and garments are created, are in a constant change. There are continuous dialogues between the appearance and functionality of the clothing. Sustainable design examples emerge as alternatives next to the mass production, and ...


On 8th and 9th september, interior architects and designers from European countries will convene in Pärnu, Estonia to discuss the current issues surrounding our living space and to set new directions to enhance the profession as well as unify its standards across the European Union. Pärnu Rannahotell (Beach Hotel), designed by Anton Soans and Olev Siinmaa in 1935-37, is now one of the ...
Open lecture – 3D Modelling and Printing by Samson Shafran. Mo 4th of September 2017. Estonia pst. 7 room 426 at 2.15 p.m.

Open lecture – 3D Modelling and Printing by Samson Shafran. Mo 4th of September 2017. Estonia pst. 7 room 426 at 2.15 p.m.

by Samson Shafran (Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art) Mo 4th of September 2017. Estonia pst. 7 room 426 at 2.15 p.m. An overview of 3D Modelling and Printing technologies and their impact on the industry both in terms of design process and creative development. – 3D printing technologies, their use and implementation. – Use of 3D modelling software as creative development tool. – ...
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“Young Creations Award: Upcycling” goes to Estonia for the first time

Upcycling products are becoming more and more popular – in both the fashion and interior sectors. With the 3rd ‘Young Creations Award: Upcycling’, Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main has once again presented an award devoted to the principle of sustainability. New this year was the opening of the competition to young designers from all over Europe. And on 14 January, the ‘Young Creations Award: ...
  • The Design & Crafts programme provides students with plenty of freedom as well as responsibility. The flexibility of the programme encourages student to try different ways to materialise ideas and learn new techniques and methods beyond their specialisation. The variety of courses and workshops provide a versatile and multifaceted education, giving students a lot of control over their individual paths.
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    MA Design & Crafts (Textile Design) ‘17

Student Work

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