Today, textile design is filled with opportunities, and is one of the fastest growing areas in design and technology. Textiles are used in medicine, architecture, construction, the defence industry, etc. With its experiments and research, the Department of Textile Design builds bridges between various areas of activity: experiments are made in the field of interactive textiles, while the challenges of social design and sustainable enterprise are met. Naturally, the design of traditional textiles for clothing and interior furnishings, with its hundred-year old tradition, has not been forgotten.

• “The Academy’s textile department wants to be present at the place where textiles meet science thereby creating the various possibilities for using textiles in today’s world.” Terje, MA I

• “Preferably innovative and encouraging. But also using traditional techniques to find new solutions and approaches.” Liisa, MA I

• “Textiles play an important role in the design of our environment, primarily by improving its quality. In addition to their decorative purposes, textiles have a series of important functions in various fields of activity, like medicine, the military, sports, construction, etc.” Liina, MA I

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News and events

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New international business opportunities for the design students of EKA

For the first time ever, a course that would help the students get a grasp of the business world and reach international markets was held for the MA-students from fashion, textile, accessories’ and jewellery design departments at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Ending with a rare opportunity to pitch newly refined brands and concepts to influential Scandinavian investors and entrepreneurs, 13th ...

ERKI Fashion Show to announce competition for 2020

It is time to seek out the brightest ideas, because ERKI Fashion Show 2020 is on its way. Estonian Academy of Arts once again presents the biggest fashion event in Estonia, which is a platform for young fashion designers. It helps to encourage young people to present their unique creations to the public. ERKI is hoping to see creative and aspiring young people with crazy and enormously ...

Design students of the Estonian Academy of Arts reach out to the international markets

On 13th December, the MA-students from fashion, textile, accessories’ and jewellery design at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) will get a rare chance to pitch their newly refined brands and concepts to influential Scandinavian entrepreneurs and investors. They will come all the way to see which next big ideas will get a little help to grow and emerge from the local design market to an ...

Todays open lecture on design: Hélène Day Fraser

May 20th at 16:00 at EKA room A501 Hélène Day Fraser will give an open lecture “Decoloniality? Locating Inadvertent Parallels”. The Associate Dean at Emily Carr University of Art and Design will share work done with many others on a project called clothing(s) as Conversation. She will speak to material practice in relation to the social and questions she is currently posing of her own work in ...

Textile exhibition “Binding matter”

Infinite Life Gallery’s first exhibition „Binding Matter” will be open from the Thursday, March 28 at 6pm at LVLup! Museum. Infinite Life Gallery is LVLup! video game museum’s side project, located in ARS Art Factory. The exhibition will remain open until April 21. Textile artists group exhibition „Binding Matter” observes the nature and meaning of materials. Balancing on the borders of ...
  • The Design & Crafts programme provides students with plenty of freedom as well as responsibility. The flexibility of the programme encourages student to try different ways to materialise ideas and learn new techniques and methods beyond their specialisation. The variety of courses and workshops provide a versatile and multifaceted education, giving students a lot of control over their individual paths.
    Marie Vinter
    MA Design & Crafts (Textile Design) ‘17

Student Work

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