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Textile printing workshop
Weaving workshop
Knitting and tapestry workshop

Weaving studio D505

The following looms can be used in the weaving studio:

  • Toika computerised Loom, with 100 cm, number of shafts 24, 2 pcs
  • Toika computerised Loom, with 120 cm number of shafts 24
    Toika computerised Loom, with 150 cm number of shafts 16
  • Countermarch Loom, with 110 cm, number of shafts 8
  • Table Looms, number of shafts 4
  • Toika table Looms, number of shafts 8, 2 pcs
  • Jacquard Loom TC-1 150 cm, which offers a wide range of fabric weaving options
  • The fabric weaving studio is compiling a library of materials, which provides an overview of material samples created by students of the textile design department.

Textile studio of the future D505.1

  • Yamato industrial overlok
  • Brother industrial sewing machine
  • Ricoma industrial embroidery machine
  • Hot press
  • Vacuum press
  • Tools for tinning
  • Felting machine

E-N 10–17

Workshop instructor
Eva-Liisa Kriis

Knitting studio D503

The followin knitting machines can be used in the knitting studio:

  • Silver Reed SK 155 4 pcs
  • Silver Reed SK 280 4 pcs
  • connected to the computer Silver Reed SK 830
  • It is also possible to use the tapestry frames required for the tapestry interweaving technique.

E-N 10–17

Workshop instructor
Eva-Liisa Kriis

You can work in the workshop during the opening hours or in agreement with the workshop instructor.

Textile printing workshop D502

Ironing board (max dimensions: 155×486 cm); light box (max dimensions: 99×120 cm), hot press (max dimensions: 50×38 cm) and other tools for printing.
The textile printing workshop is available for use during classes or upon agreement with the workshop master.