Anzelika Mändmaa

The white colour was my main source of inspiration for my thoughts like „New Beginning versus From a Pure Page“; „Opening“; „Bliss and Lightening“. The white colour symbolizes everything that has been said before, but also purity, virgin, truth and justice. After all WHITE is characterized by bliss, success, lightness, simplicity, sincerity and respect. All that is needed for a new beginning. What cannot be attributed to the white colour- it always leads to something good, gentle and untouched. WHITE- strong, gentle and the same time so easily broken! The Collection will be made using a knitting technique, where the plain wefts always a simple classic knitting texture alternating with a delicate airy texture. From materials, I plan to use different yarns like merino wool, kid-mohair and cotton. Polyester siphon I will use for fringes.