Kristiina Jeromans

The collection EXTUDE is part of an authors Master thesis, where she explores the possibilities of modernising the embroidery. In her Master thesis author tries to nd solutions how to accelerate the time of completion of the embroidery, using 3D printer and modeling technology. Therefore she imitates hand made embroideries, develops new pearl shapes and new ways to adapt embroidery on a cloth. In this collection author uses the technique which she has developed through her experiments and presents her view of what will the future embroidery look like.

However, 3D printing sets some restrictions on the creative process. For example, through her work the author has come to the conclusion that it is possible to print embroidery primarily on thinner fabrics such as the organza. That is why most of the fabrics in EXTRUDE are silk based. Due to the existing colors of the 3D printer laments, the colors used in the collection are also in primitive tones. Collection silhouettes are inspired by 3D modules and forms as well as the sixties, when futurism and innovation were a popular topic. It is also worth mentioning that the collection name comes from Rhinoceros programme command “extrude”, witch makes at surfaces three-dimensional.