Anett Niine & Liisi Tamm

WEAWE (We weave) is a collection by two designers based on an innovative textile technology, combining contemporary design with a sculptural form. Utilizing the MultiWeave (3D-weaving) technique, WEAWE takes it a step further and explores the possibilities of  using this method for clothing fabrics.


WEAWE is bold but reserved, moderate but playful. Exploring with new materials and techniques has become an essential definition of this collection, helping redefine the process of clothing design and production, and the woman who creates and wears these garments.


The unique character and the structure of the clothes is highlighted by a simple form and clean colors. Accompanying the pieces of clothing are the custom-made accessories and jewelry.


As an evolution of the MultiWeave technology, WEAWE introduces a prospect of constructing clothes in a completely new and seamless manner. Therefore, this method also presents the redesign and reuse option, as the clothes can be deconstructed and the material recreated into a new piece.