Cärol Ott

Collection MÕLÜ is inspired by Northern Estonia islands life in 1930s. It was the brightest time of the century.

Fishing business was building up after crisis and relationship with Estonia mainland and capital were great. Dierent kind of goods were traded even with Finland and Sweden. Not only the business didn’t grow, the families were bigger than ever. In some families there were living up to 30 people in same house even though the property was not big. You can only imagine how much was going behind every doorstep.

Since the families were big it was also very popular to do handycrafts. For me it is a MA thesis to learn about the local handycraft methods and bring them back to nowadays life. In this collection is used looms and knitting. In the textures of selfmade fabric is used local family signs and the patterns from the nature of the islands.