Karolin Kärm

Inspiration for this collection comes from my ancestoral home on the island of Saaremaa and our family crest which has multiple meanings and variations. The farm my family has lived on for generations is one of the oldest in the village of Koimla. Because of that the first well in the village was on our lands , and so our family crest, from which I drew inspiration for my patterns, is also a sign for a well.

Näkimadalad – The Shallows Where Sirens Live

– A well, the door to the underworld, our earthly place, rebirth.
– Spirituality, the passage of spirits/ souls, soulbird.

Näkk is a mostly malicious creature in Estonian folklore. It was believed that a näkk would lure an unsuspecting victim into a body of water or a well and try to drown them.