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If students have questions related to studies, they can contact their faculty members, tutors, study coordinators, foreign relations specialists, or employees of the Department of Academic Affairs. 
Contact information for the Department of Academic Affairs: Estonia Blvd 7 / Teatri Sq. 1, Rooms 530–527. Open from Mon-Fri 10 am to 4:30 pm. 

Tutors are specially trained volunteer students who help the first-year and foreign students at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Tutors help them to adapt to university life, by explaining the basics of being a student, and providing them with an opportunity to discuss problems from a student’s point of view. Tutors can provide advice on how to find the necessary information, explain how the studies are organised and how they can plan their studies. 

The goal of entrepreenurship counselling is to help the students make choices and decisions related to their education and careers. Counselling offers entrepreneurship program STARTUN , and also helps the students to learn about knowledgeable career planning, educational opportunities, the state of the labour market, and professions. It also promotes social engagement in the society as a whole. Students are better able to analyse themselves and their opportunities; to make informed decision, as well as plan and implement their personal career plans based on the principles of lifelong learning. Choosing a speciality is not the only career-related point of departure. It is also important to like and be satisfied by the chosen field.  
The career counsellor also teaches students job searching skills – helps them to find suitable job offers, write their CVs and covering letters. Because in order to be self-confident during the interview and ready to answer complicated questions, a student needs to be prepared and to have undergone thorough self-analysis.
Counselling is available to the Academy’s students, graduates and entrants, and it is free to all these target groups. 

To make an appointment, contact

Read more about entrepreneurship program STARTUN
Phone 626 7345

Anonymity and confidentiality is guaranteed when receiving psychological counselling. We provide free counselling to the Academy’s students! 

KAIRE COCKER, tel +3725332 2279, Skype: kaireskype1 

NB! Please make an appointment in advance. 

The aim of the Academy’s IT Department is to ensure that the necessary ICT environment exists to ensure the execution of the Academy’s regulatory objectives. The assignments and field of activity described in the IT Department’s statutes include the development and management of the Academy’s data communications networks and the computer classes under the administration of the IT Department. 
IT Department phone: 62 67 339

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