The Academy’s Student Council makes sure that the students have productive and interesting extracurricular activities. Every week, the students can go swimming at a discounted price at the Kalev Spa. Those interesting in singing can join the Academy’s chamber choir. 
The traditional events that are organised throughout the year include the FOX Party for new arrivals in Autumn; the Christmas Party (?) at the end of the first semester; and during the winter break, the Winter Days with great outdoor activities outside the city; the Independence Day Ball in February; and the Final Party at the end of the academic year. In between these events, there are lots of smaller and larger functions, ranging from ping-pong tournaments to evening get-togethers. 
The Council also supports the students’ participation in events outside the Academy, such as the Tallinn Student Days and the Students’ Summer Days. 
Take a look at this page to get updated on the Council’s doings, and follow our activities on Facebook www.facebook.com/esindus
The Student Council welcomes any and all good ideas for how to spend extracurricular time more meaningfully and interestingly. Don’t be afraid to contact us – yesindus@artun.ee!