Social Stipend

Stipend for Tuition-Paying Students

Every semester, the Estonian Academy of Arts grants social stipends to students who are self-funding their studies. The amounts of the stipends correspond to the tuition established for the students in the given semester. The goal of the social stipend is to support the studies of the students who have encountered financial difficulties, by enabling them to continue pursuing a worthwhile education. The stipends are not paid out to the recipients in cash, but the tuition obligation for the given semester is reduced accordingly.

Students can submit their application in Tahvel. Students can apply for stipends by submitting the corresponding free-form application, which explains the reason for applying, and the amount that is desired – the full or partial tuition. The applicant must confirm the accuracy of the information in the application.

The applications with documents confirming the reasons for applying are preferred. Applications that are submitted late are not taken into consideration.

Students can apply for social stipend starting from the second semester.

Applicants must not have any study, monetary or other arrears in regard to the Academy. There may not be academic debt in more than two subjects.

The Social Stipend Committee bases its decisions on the content, argumentation and authentication of the application. In the case of equivalent applications, study performance is taken into account.

Students can submit their application at the beginning of semester in Tahvel from 1. September to 20. September in autumn semester and 1. February to 20. February in spring semester.

The applications with the necessary additional documents must be submitted in Tahvel.

Students studying according joint curricula can apply for a scholarships through the university coordinating the joint curriculum.

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