Mobility in Estonia

Degree students can come from, or go to, the following Estonian universities

Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the Estonian Business School. The Academy also has a separate agreement with the Tartu Art College and the TTK University of Applied Sciences (applies only architectural students from TTK transferring to the Academy).

EKA visiting student application

Visiting students at the EKA

  1. Students should contact the specific department they are interested in, and agree on whether there is room in the course, and they will be informed of the dates when the subject is taught. 
  2. The students should bring the visiting student application from their home school, which has been filled out and approved, to the department they are interested in (Room D206), which will approve it on behalf of the Academy. Once the application is approved by a specialised department, a copy must be made and sent to the Department of Academic Affairs, or be brought by the student to the department (otherwise, it cannot be entered into the SIS and the subject cannot be registered, which will mean that there is nowhere to enter the grades, and a printout of the grades cannot be made).
  3. The results can be entered on the student’s visiting student grading sheet at their home school, which they must definitely take to the Department of Academic Affairs to be approved. Or, the results can be entered on an Academy individual sheet, where “Visiting Student” is written on the row for speciality and course, which the student must eventually bring to the Department of Academic Affairs, for which the student will then receive an excerpt of the studies card, on the Academy’s stationery, for the subjects completed as a visiting student.
  4. At the times indicated in the Academy’s academic calendar, registration by sending an e-mail to To do this, the student must already have an approved visiting student application with them.

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