Steps to note when applying for RPL

Steps to note when applying for RPL in EKA:

1.    Getting acquainted with the RPL process and rules on EKA Study Regulations, §26-§29)

2.    Self-analysis. Analyzing the experience by comparing it to the subject outcomes applied for.

3.    Counselling with your Study Specialist or RPL specialist in the department of academic affairs (Riina Laaneveer,

4.    The RPL specialist examines the application and its extras and asks for additions if necessary.

5.    The assessment of the application. The RPL committee of the faculty checks the application and will evaluate if the applicant’s experience matches the curricula, goals, and outcomes. The additional documents of proof may be asked, if necessary.

6.    Decision and feedback. The decision will be delivered
by the RPL specialist according to the terms of the Regulation of RPL.

7.    Contestation. In case of a negative decision the applicant has the right to contest as by EKA Study Regulations (valid from 13.02.2024) §49.


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