In addition to standard humanities qualifications, a number of international research exhibitions has been organised by the Institute staff. The exhibition program of the Institute is related to the output of individual researchers and includes collaboration with all major museum spaces in Estonia and beyond.

Recently curated shows by staff members (selection):

– “Leisure Spaces. Holidays and architecture in 20th Century Estonia”, 2020–2021, at the Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn, co-curator Epp Lankots.

– “A Room of One’s Own. A Feminist’s Questions to Architecture” in spring 2019 at the Museum of Estonian Architecture, curator Ingrid Ruudi.

– “Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect. Anu Vahtra: Completion through Removal” in spring 2019 at Kumu Art Museum, Estonian Museum of Art, Tallinn, co-curator Anu Allas.

– “Anu Rank-Soans. Classics” in 2018/2019 at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, curator Karin Nugis Vicente.

– “The X Files. Registry of the Nineties” in 2018/2019 at Kumu Art Museum, co-curator Anders Härm.

– “Centrifugal Tendencies: Tallinn–Moscow–Novosibirsk” in 2017/2018 at Museum for Architectural Drawing, Tchoban Foundation, Berlin, co-curator Andres Kurg.

– “Conflicts and Adaptations. Estonian Art of the Soviet Era (1940–1991)”, permanent display since 2016 at Kumu Art Museum, curator Anu Allas.

– “Unbuilt. Visions for a New Society, 1986–1994” in spring 2015 at Museum of Estonian Architecture, curator Ingrid Ruudi.

– “Sacred Modernity. Nikolai Kormashov’s Paintings from the 1960s” in 2013/2014 at Kumu Art Museum, curator Kädi Talvoja.

– “Our Metamorphic Futures. Design, Technical Aesthetics and Experimental Architecture in the Soviet Union 1960–1980” in 2011/2012 at Vilnius National Gallery, and Museum of Estonian Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, curators Andres Kurg, Mari Laanemets.