PhD programme

The doctoral programme in Art History and Visual Culture specialises in solving a specific research problem. The doctoral thesis is written as individual research in cooperation with the supervisor. General subjects of the doctoral programme ensure the students’ professional skills as researchers; the aim of the doctoral seminar is to broaden the knowledge of the current research issues and methodologies in social sciences and humanities. The individual study is supplemented with intensive seminars by international lecturers; EAA also participates in the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, which offers high-level interdisciplinary lectures and seminars. General objectives of the curriculum: – to ensure a theoretical foundation and knowledge in the field of art history corresponding to international standards; – to ensure appropriate professional skills in regard to methodology and philosophical principles for research activity; – to develop the skills of academic expression; – to prepare top-level specialists for work as academic researchers, museum research fellows or teaching staff at higher education institutions. The head of the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture doctoral programme is professor Andres Kurg. See also the topics on doctoral students and doctoral dissertations in the field of Art History and Visual Culture Studies.

PhD theses in Art History and Visual Culture

2023 Anders Härm Disobedient bodies. The radical performative practices in art and culture of the 20th and 21st centuries (Allumatud kehad. ...