Theses defended in the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture are archived in our library.

MA and PHD theses can also be found here (since 2013), they also have a summary in English/German (if written in Estonian).

For more info, please contact Annika Toots,

BA thesis in art history

2020 Aleksander Metsamärt. Teataja karikatuuride ideoloogiakriitiline analüüs. Juhendaja prof Krista Kodres, retsensent Andrus Laansalu. Britten Piller. Ökokunst ja Olafur Eliassoni “Ice Watch’i” ning ...

MA thesis in art history (summary in english)

MA Thesis from 2014 onwards can be found here: 2020 Gerli Mägi. Efemeerse kunstivormi jäljed. ...

PhD theses in Art History and Visual Culture

2020 Ingrid Ruudi Spaces of the Interregnum. Transformations in Estonian Architecture and Art, 1986–1994 ...