Theses defended in the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture are archived in our library.

MA and PHD theses can also be found here (since 2013), they also have a summary in English/German (if written in Estonian).

For more info please contact Karin.Vicente(at)

BA thesis in art history

2017 Kristin Karolin Nõlvak. Kunstituru traditsioonide kujunemine taasiseseisvunud Eestis Juhendaja mag Maria-Kristiina Soomre, retsensent mag Maarin Ektermann Anna-Liiza Izbaš. Supergraafika Tallinna linnakujunduses ...

MA thesis in art history (summary in english)

MA Thesis from 2014 onwards can be found here: 2018 Triin Metsla. Paguluse problemaatika kunstiloomes. Eesti ...