Master of Contemporary Art

MACA – Master of Contemporary Art

Interested in studying art (M.A.) at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn? Find all the information you need here!

APPLY HERE! Application Deadline: May 02, 2019

What does the MACA programme offer?

  • Author-focused tutoring for contemporary artists
  • Freedom of designing Your individual curriculum within a diverse programme that offers theoretical tools and practical training
  • Access to professional studios of sound art, lens-based art, installation and sculpture, graphic art and painting
  • Collaborations with international artists, curators, philosophers, theorists and gallerists
  • A continuous programme of off-site events, study trips, exhibitions in galleries, museums, collaboration with different art institutions / universities and student exchange (KUNO, DAMA, ERASMUS)
  • Access to the experimental student-run artist spaces ISFAG and Vent Space for all possible forms of art presentation and development
  • A critical discursive environment for discussions about making, displaying and thinking about contemporary art and contemporary society

Why EKA?

EKA offers a well-rounded and multifaceted approach to Your study of Fine Arts. Contemporary art, criticism and theory, author-based architecture, innovative and skill-based design, animation and stage art and curatorial practices are combined for thorough interdisciplinary studies.

Why Estonia? – Everything is close, everything is possible.

With roughly 1.3 million citizens, Estonia is one of the smallest countries in the European Union. Not only is it located in the perfect spot to visit Scandinavia, Russia and other Baltic countries, its size and history also make it possible to have an unique study experience.

In Estonia, all important connections and resources are within an arm’s length. It is easy to access the different political, commercial, social and educational institutions.

EKA offers its students several opportunities to exhibit their work in Estonia and abroad each semester. Our partners in art presentation and other activities are the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, Contemporary Art Estonian Center, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall and the Artists’ Association’s Galleries in the city centre. EKA also cooperates with the Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn University, and the Estonian Music Academy.

(And it is even not too difficult to reach the President, if this would be important for your art.)

Find out more about the Estonian art scene in this article by Kate Brown.

To find out more about studying and living in Estonia, visit

Do not hesitate to apply for the programme if:

The development of your individual artistic practice is important for you. If the processes in society matter to you and you are passionate about your surroundings. If you like to think, imagine, create and dream. If you are motivated and ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic, have creative confidence and critical thinking.

Find out how to apply here!

Application deadline: May 2, 2019

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News and events


“Self-Care” 11.10–02.11 at EKA Gallery

Join us for the opening of the exhibition “Self-Care” on Friday, October 11 at 6 PM at EKA Gallery. Participating artists: Andre Joosep Arming, Hanna-Liisa Lavonen, Carol Katkoff, and Mari-Liis Sõrg. The curators of the exhibition are Kleer Keret Tali and Hanna-Liisa Lavonen. Taking care of oneself could be an activity that you apply consciously to your everyday. For that, you take time out ...

EKA open lecture: Post Brothers

Open lecture by Post Brothers on Tuesday, September 24 at 5 pm in room B205 Post Brothers is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Post, an enthusiast, taxi driver, word processor, and curator often engaged in artist-centered projects and collaborations, or occupying the secondary information surrounding cultural production. In collaboration with the artist Simon Dybbroe Møller Post ...
Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 21.02.00

Silvia Sosaars “Unconscious Patient” at the Showcase Gallery

Silvia Sosaar would like to request the honour of your presence at the opening of her exhibition “Unconscious Patient” on 31 May 2019 at EKKM at 5pm (Põhja pst 35, Tallinn). The exhibition is on view until August 30th 2019. How to prepare, mobilise and attune a person to experience contemporary art? Smells are the trigger of contextual memory. Smells are a central element of sensory ...

Satellite exhibition of TASE’19 – Anna Kaarma’s ON THE THRESHOLD in Hobusepea gallery

ANNA KAARMA will open her personal exhibition ON THE THRESHOLD in Hobusepea gallery at 6pm on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019.   With the current exhibition, the artist is observing the borders of the personal and the public, dreams and waking, the permanent and the changing. Anna Kaarma focuses on the living environment of the district of Lasnamäe in Tallinn – the architectural and social ...

Performance by Heleliis Hõim and Irmeli Terras at Vent Space project space

Performance by Heleliis Hõim and Irmeli Terras at Vent Space project space on 6 May, 6-9.30 pm. A person never wants to feel that they are truly alone. You want to feel protected and guided by some higher power or feel that your choices are directed by someone else, because the most terrifying realisation is that you are alone and that you alone have the responsibility to choose. According to ...

Sewn Land

We invite you to the public viewing of the installation SEWN LAND by Laura De Jaeger on the 4th of December from 2-6pm. For SEWN LAND (2018) De Jaeger divides the gallery space in 2 by placing a replica of the Belgian language border diagonally through it. The installation is an investigation of a line, an object connecting two points, creating two spaces, breaking them or overlapping. When ...


On Wednesday, the 12th of December at 19 o’clock, we will open the exhibition “Disassemble” at Vent Space (Vabaduse väljak 6/8). The exhibition is open from 13 to 19 of December from 14-20 o’clock. It is the first group show of the students of the 2nd year of photography department. The participating artists: Kristiina Aarna, Ben Caro, Gerda Nurk, Diana Olesjuk, Anna Pazucha, ...

Sometimes We Remember [Remembered]

Angela ‘Goo’ Ramírez will open the evolving exhibition “Sometimes We Remember [Remembered]” at Vent Space on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 7:30pm. The exhibition and artist residence will be open from Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 5pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 7pm until February 28. Finissage will take place on Friday, March 1st, 2019 at 7:30pm. Goo is currently ...