Master of Contemporary Art

Installation view of "Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts", collaborative project with EKA Curatorial Studies, curated by Brigit Arop, installation by Heli Haav. Photo: Joosep Kivimäe.

MACA – Master of Contemporary Art

MACA is a two-year international program for emerging contemporary artists of different backgrounds intended to guide them during the development of their artistic position. The main focus is on the individual studio practice, which is supported by collaborative moments in the curriculum as well as masterclasses and courses introducing a range of artistic methods and platforms for research and critical reflection. In addition to intensive work in the studios, exhibiting in Estonia and abroad, and working in close collaboration with peers and tutors, students are encouraged to make use of the different facilities at EKA: professional photography and sound studios, workshops for wood- and metalworking, 3D modelling, textile, glass, ceramics, printmaking and many more.


The MACA program is meant for artists and practitioners who already have an active career and – while diving deeper into their fields of interest – wish to engage in collaboration, critical exchange and local context. Tallinn has a vibrant contemporary art scene with a number of art institutions and artist-run initiatives, including Vent Space that the students co-run with peers from EKA’s other programs and Uus Rada, an artist-run space initiated by the MACA students at the Raja street studio building. These spaces offer an opportunity to connect with the local art scene, providing an audience and supporting collaboration between colleagues and disciplines.


What does the MACA program offer?

  • Opportunity to assemble your curriculum within a diverse programme that offers theoretical tools and practical training
  • Individual tutoring for contemporary artists by contemporary artists
  • Access to professional studios of sound art, lens-based art, installation and sculpture and graphic art
  • Collaboration with local and international artists, curators, theorists
  • A programme of off-site events, study trips, exhibitions, and collaboration with different art institutions
  • Student exchange (KUNO, DAMA, ERASMUS)
  • Access to and experience of running the student-run Vent Space for all possible forms of art presentation and development
  • A critical discursive environment for discussions about making, displaying and thinking about contemporary art and contemporary society


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Find out more about the Estonian art scene in this article by Kate Brown, and this interview with Margit Säde, head of the Master of Contemporary Art programme at EKA 2017–2020. 2020–2022 the curriculum was led by Mark Dunhill and Kristaps Ancāns. From 2022, the head of the programme is Anu Vahtra.

Do not hesitate to apply for the Master of Contemporary Art programme if…

… you value the development of your individual artistic practice. If the processes in society matter to you and you are passionate about your surroundings. If you like to think, imagine, create and dream. If you are motivated and ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic, have creative confidence and critical thinking.

News and events


Open Lecture: Gustav Kalm. The Look of States as Investment Vehicles: A Snapshot from Millenial Capitalism

Open Lecture: Gustav Kalm The Look of States as Investment Vehicles: A Snapshot from Millennial Capitalism Tuesday, Dec 5, 17.30 EKA, A501 India is open for business. Guinea is open for business. Promoting Bulgaria as a successful investment destination. Choose France. Welcome to Estonia. Advertisements of this kind litter the pages of Financial Times, The Economist, Äripäev and other ...

EKA Students’ Video Games and Video Mapping at the Composter Festival

NB! Viewing/listening to festival installations during the day is free, tickets are available only for evening concerts. Video games The Estonian Academy of Arts and Videogames in Arts Lab presents: Experimental Art Landscapes Discover the experimental world envisioned by students from the Estonian Academy of Arts — an immersive blend of visual and sound art that offers a unique interactive ...
FIG 10 Leos_Shirleys COLLINS 206

Genevieve Yue Open Lecture: “Girl Head: Feminism and Film Materiality”

Critic and film curator Genevieve Yue (USA) will give an open lecture “Girl head: Feminism and Film Materiality” at 17.30 on November 20 in auditorium A-101, EKA. Genevieve Yue is one of the curators of the artist film programme “Polar Coordinates” by Tallinn Photomonth, screened at PÖFF Expanded 2023 in Tallinn. Genevieve Yue’s recent book Girl Head: Feminism and Film Materiality (Fordham ...

Keiu Maasik at the Tartu Art House

On Friday, 17 November at 5:00 p.m. Keiu Maasik will open her solo exhibition “Meadows of Change, a Place Called Home” in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.  The exhibition is about life in virtual reality and reflects on the possibility that human life may move there in the future. It also deals with the fear that this could happen and what we as humans would lose as a result. ...
Zody Burke Queering

Zody Burke: Queering the Bimbo

Queering the Bimbo Recently, we have borne witness to a resurgence of the bimbo archetype within popular culture. Despite its rooting in a non-gendered etymology, the term ‘bimbo’ is understood to be a slur aimed at attractive women who are deemed lascivious; their proclivity inherently paired with stupidity. Visually, the bimbo plays by the rules and expectations of patriarchy; women’s ...
Breathing Through the Eyes

“Breathing Through the Eyes” at L’Atlas in Paris

Artists: Aili Vint (EE), Daria Melnikova (LV), Kristel Saan (EE), Kristina Õllek (EE), Monika Varšavskaja (EE/FR), Morta Jonynaitė (LT), Viktorija Daniliauskaitė (LT) Curator: Merilin Talumaa (EE) The exhibition Breathing Through the Eyes at L’Atlas in Paris gathers together different generations of artists from the Baltic countries, most of them presenting their work in Paris for the first ...
Isabelle February 2022_sq

Open lecture: Isabelle Sully

On Monday, October 30, 18.00, Rotterdam-based curator, writer and artist Isabelle Sully will introduce her practice in room A302. Working with feminist histories in mind, Isabelle Sully works across curating, writing and art-making, taking the mechanisms and materiality of administration as the main focus within her work to develop conceptual projects that span experimental writing, ...
Chun Au Yeung Hobusepea

Chun Au Yeung at Hobusepea Gallery

EKA Young Artist Award 2022 laureate Chun Au Yeung has his solo exhibition “You’ve Been in My Mind” in Hobusepea gallery open until October 30th. “It was a chilly night, so I went home after a long walk at dawn. I was sitting on the couch, covering myself with a blanket and listening to a song. The lyrics kept lingering in my head…”that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the ...