Glass Art

Magnifying glasses, champagne glasses, stained glass windows in Gothic cathedrals, glass skyscrapers – these are all part of an opportunity-filled world that is revealed to the freshmen in the Academy’s Department of Glass Art. Glass as a material provides an excellent and respected means of expression for artists, designers and architects.

• The faculty members in our department are internationally recognised artists; while our students are enthusiastic, and love their speciality. The sustainability of the department is based on Estonia’s long and strong traditions of glassmaking, and on a team that is focused on innovation.
• Every person is special and exceptional. The boundlessly diverse forms of expression that are possible with glass provide everyone with the opportunity to find their own way – to find themselves.
• The Academy’s Department of Glass Art is the only place in Estonia where students can acquire a thorough education in glass art. And the fact that glass is necessary is apparent from the world around us.

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News and events


Piret Ellamaa won Honorable Mentions Prize

Piret Ellamaa won Honorable Mentions Prize in Glass Art Society`s year conference. Exhibition took place  in the Morean Art Center St. Petersburg , Florida (9. March – 26. April 2019).
taking my coat off - krista israel

Open Lecture: glass artists Krista Israel and Jacky Geurts

You are welcome to the Open Lecture of glass artists Krista Israel and Jacky Geurts on Thursday, 21th March at 5PM in room B604. “The use of multiple techniques to come to complex works is based on the complexity of society. I try to capture its ambiguity in layered, ambiguous works that touch both personal and universal feelings. My work reflects how I see the world around me. ...
Presentation by Chech glass artist Pavlina Cambalova

Presentation by Chech glass artist Pavlina Cambalova

Thursday, 26.04 at 3.45 - 5.30 PM room 241 Lecture by Czech glass artist, internationally known engraver Pavlina Cambalova Welcome!
UMWELT – glass exhibition at the Adamson-Eric Museum

UMWELT – glass exhibition at the Adamson-Eric Museum

OMAILM / UMWELT 09. 06 – 01. 10. 2017 ADAMSON-ERICU MUSEUM Curators Ülle Kruus & Mare Saare Design Mari Kurismaa Graphic design Külli Kaats Artists: 1. 1967 Maie Mikof 2. 1970 Peeter Rudaš 3. 1975 Rait Prääts 4. 1979 Mare Saare 5. 1981 Eve Koha 6. 1985 Ivo Lill 7. 1995 BA Kai Kiudsoo-Värv 2005 MA 8. 1995 BA Tiina Sarapu 1996 MA 9. 1998 BA Eeva Käsper 2003 MA 10. 2002 BA Maret Sarapu 2005 MA ...

Maks Roosma grant for Maarja Mäemets, student of glass

For the year 2016/17 the annual grant for a glass student of the EAA goes to MAARJA MÄEMETS for her outstanding results in combining glass and photography in her creative work and for winning the first prize of the student art competition organized by Bild-Werk Frauenau, Germany.


02.02-25.02.2017Organized by Art Academy of Latvia – Department of Glass Art.

Abandoned House Projects

On January 6, 2016 at 4 PM artists from Latvia Inguna Audere and Imants Kikulis, and Kazushi Nakada (Japan-Finland) will present their project "Abandoned House" in room E-426. After the presentation the exhibition introducing this project will be opened at the Lobby gallery Estonia pst 7 and stays open until January 21. The artists will also conduct a master class in the house at Kotzebue 1, ...
  • I like that the programme is well balanced in terms of creative and more practical subjects, that help you gain a better understanding of business and how to succeed as an entrepreneur. In addition, the form of study is very individual and the lecturers really help you reach your goals.
    Kateriin Rikken
    MA Design & Crafts (Glass Art) ‘18

Student Work

Maarja Mäemets 2017