Design & Crafts

The Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Design MA programme, Design and Crafts, delivered in English, runs in tandem with the existing Disain ja rakenduskunst programme delivered in Estonian. The students enter a common programme but also select a discipline:

The aim of the Design and Crafts MA programme is to prepare students for professional practice through realistic and close cooperation at various levels and with various cooperation partners in the field, and by identifying their own position (in the community, society, design field, global economy, natural environment and other contexts). The programme provides students with as many real life situations as possible via case studies of practising professionals and emerging practitioners. 

The MA programme focuses on cooperation (at BA level material-based programmes in particular focus on individual challenges). The MA programme includes group tasks that cross disciplines, where students with different backgrounds and study experience work together. A significant part of the course takes the form of workshops (supervised by foreign lecturers), which aim to break the routine and provide inspiration for future work.

The Design and Crafts MA programme works closely with the Estonian Academy of Arts Sustainable Design research centre – environmental awareness is an important aspect of different design projects.

Students who commence studies in the Design and Crafts programme will remain closely connected with their chosen discipline. The special value provided in the selected discipline; for example, unique/specific workspaces and international reputation, is also good reason to study at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Material-based design and craft disciplines (ceramics, glass art and design, jewellery and blacksmithing, textile design, leather art and design, fashion design) have a unique outlook and philosophy, and the Estonian Academy of Arts is one the few places in the world where it is possible to study in some of these fields at MA level.

The Design and Crafts MA programme unites students with very different backgrounds and interests – but each MA graduate should be the best in the world in something, whether this be an ingenious product, a unique artistic position or in-depth materials-based research.

The Design and Crafts MA programme is also a logical entry point for foreign students wishing to continue their studies in the EAA doctoral programme.

The programme is headed by Taavi Hallimäe and Julia Valle Noronha.

News and events


New Business Horizons for the Design Department Students at the Estonian Academy of Arts

This fall semester in the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Fashion Design Department organised a world-class branding and business course for 15 MA-level students representing fashion, textile, accessories and jewellery design. The course is led by Sissi Silván, a true high calibre professional who specializes in helping Scandinavian brands break into international markets. As the very first ...