Näitusevaade “Mõeldes labürindist. 50 aastat Tallinna graafikatriennaali”. Foto: Stanislav Stepaško

Since autumn 2018, the Art History and Visual Culture and Cultural Heritage and Conservation MA programmes at the Estonian Academy of Arts have also offered the choice of specializing in Museology. The purpose of the Museology module is to give knowledge and skills needed for working in various positions at art, architecture and design museums (and more broadly in museums that act as repositories for cultural treasures): as curator, head of collection, education and audience programme designer, communication or development specialist and project manager. All of these positions require both specific competence and a general understanding of what an art museum does and why and how it functions. The Museology module provides practical skills and theoretical knowledge for working in a museum, and creatively and critically encourages people to explore the role and goals of a museum on the field of contemporary culture. While the field of museology as such involves all museums, the Museology module at EAA focuses on art museums and features that are specific to them.

News and events


Exhibition “In Isolation” at the Tartu Art Museum

On 15 May, the exhibition “In Isolation”, curated by the master’s students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, will open in the Tartu Art Museum. It uses the motif of looking out of a window to examine the isolation experienced in different eras and in different locations. The exhibition brings together the internationally renowned artist Ilya Kabakov and the oeuvre of the Estonian classic ...