Textile Futures exhibition and afternoon

Noblessneri sadamalinnak, Tööstuse 48, Tallinn

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25.09 – 01.10 Exhibition: https://www.facebook.com/events/853305954845876/

29.09 15.00 Talk: https://www.facebook.com/events/123706798363506/

The ways that materials and garments are created, are in a constant change. There are continuous dialogues between the appearance and functionality of the clothing. Sustainable design examples emerge as alternatives next to the mass production, and technology integrates into garment production means in different levels. Exploring alternative futures for textile and garment production, the exhibition presents examples from diverse interpretations of connecting textiles with technology. Textile Futures talk offers the opportunity to meet with the designers, artists and technologists behind the exhibition work to understand more their vision for the textile futures.

Anja Hertenberger (Holland) explores how technology can help us connect to our bodies and maximize our senses. Tara St James (USA) introduces sustainability in fashion. Oscar Tomico (Holland/Spain) offers insights into bringing technology close to the body. Kristi Kuusk (Estonia) wonders about the exhibition “Textile Futures” and talks to the Fashion & Textile MA students of Estonian Academy of Arts about their work at the exhibition.
Q&A with designers.

Event is free of charge, but please register:

RSVP kristi@spell.ee

More info: http://www.disainioo.ee/2017-program/textile-futures-talks

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Posted by Piret Valk

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