Visual Communication Symposium: What is Research? 2.-3. November 2023

We invite you to the annual Visual Communication Education in Nordic and Baltic countries network meeting and symposium.

This year the topic is research. Research often means many different things – visual research, academic research, practice based research or market/target group research.  

In education students are often asked to research a topic before they start a project. This can vary from looking up a couple of images online to an extensive analysis of various materials. PhD students use academic sources and research methods for their research. How does that apply to visual communication and practice based PhD studies? What are alternative ways of research appropriate for visual communication students and professionals? 

We will gather to share experiences and discuss these and other questions about the role of research in visual communication and design education. 

Each participant is expected to give a short (20min) presentation about the role of research in their practice as a designer and/or educator. 

The full program of the two day symposium will be announced in October of 2023. 

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Posted by Aaro Veiderpass