Last weekend, the Fine Arts master’s students held an exhibition curated by Andres Tali called “The Limits of the Unknown” (“Tundmatuse piir”). The works looked at the concept of borders, examining real and virtual friction, familiar and unfamiliar territories.

The work of Giulia Landonio (a first-year Master’s student in Printmaking) consisted of a reinterpretation of EKA’s logo as a “face in the hole” board and included the possibility of taking selfies. The concept:


Am I tall enough to reach the hole? Will the pile of stones placed under my feet support me?

Does my face fit into the hole? Do I – as Prometheus riding Pegasus – fit onto the iPhone screen?

Do I fit this role? Do I fit into models of resistance or do I fit into models of conformity… or maybe into both at once?

Do I fit into the art education system?

Let’s see!