REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2015

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2015 – the biggest hardware  hackathon in the Baltics
Garage48 Hardware & Arts will be a one of a kind hackathon, bringing together the creative communities of electronics, mechatronics, software engineers, artists, product designers and marketeers at University of Tartu, Institute of Physics (the new Physicum building) on February 6-8, 2015.

This will be a truly amazing hackathon, where we expect people to work on crazy ideas with the aim to have fun while developing something cool and REAL – something you can hold in your hands. No matter what skills you possess – everybody who wants to build something is welcome! We want to engage people from different levels of experience: from students to experienced electronics engineers and start-up entrepreneurs.
Did you know that the first Hardware & Arts event in February 2014 attracted the biggest ever crowd in Garage48 history? Over 130 participants built 20 amazing prototypes over the weekend, from hydroponic greenhouse to a discolights dress with 30,000 beads, from personalised insole modeller to interactive cat toy (full story on the last event can be read on Garage48 blog). 
Hardware & Arts – Who should come?
Garage48 Hardware & Arts invites 120 participants with various roles:
• If you happen to be a mechanical, electronics, or a software engineer – we want you at our event!
• If you happen to be an architect, interior designer or an artist – we want you at our Garage48 Hardware & Arts!
• If you happen to be a product, UI, UX, or a fashion designer – we want you at Garage48!
• If you are a person who has ideas, who knows how to market and sell like hell – we want you to come!
You all have to come because it will be the startup event of 2015 and we will have a ton of gadgets and cool devices you can work on. The list will be published on – stay tuned to our Twitter and FB updates.
Register Now!
The earlier you register, the better chances to find a team at the event.
At the beginning of December we will also create a closed Facebook group for participants so you can promote your idea, get feedback and others interested.
Less talk, more action!
Garage48 Hardware & Arts team:
Garage48: Priit Salumaa
University of Tartu: Alvo Aabloo 
Estonian Academy of Arts: Anu Piirisild 
Hedgehog OÜ: Indrek Rebane