Finding appropriate housing can occasionally be difficult while traveling to a new country. All new students are in charge of arranging their own housing when they come to Estonia to pursue their studies. The University can assist by providing guidance on where to start your search for a place.


At first we recommend staying in the Muusa Majutus (our shared dormitory) where you can settle into your studies and then if you still want, find accommodation with roommates. Because of high demand, we suggest you make a reservation for the room in the dormitory as soon as possible.

Privat Room or Flat

Private rooms or flats can be found through newspaper advertisements, websites or real estate agencies operating in the city. Given that many landlords might not speak English, using a real estate agent could be beneficial. Real estate agents are also familiar with local laws and it can be useful to consult one in order to understand the lease agreement in detail before signing it. However, brokers usually require a service fee which is usually equivalent to the amount of one month’s rent + VAT (20%).

The Estonian Association of Real Estate Companies has a list of trusted estate agencies where you can find more agencies and brokers.

When renting with the help of a rental agency, be aware that for the first month you’ll have to pay a) the first month’s rent in advance, b) the security deposit( it is usually equivalent to 1-3 months of rent) and c) the broker’s fee, which in total can amount to three to four times the price of your actual rent.

If you want to avoid paying a broker’s charge, you can try looking for an apartment that can be rented directly from the owner. You can find offers from real-estate sites like, or Facebook groups such as “Expats Tallinn/Estonia”, “Accommodation for international students in Tallinn“, “Erasmus in Tallinn/accommodation“, “Tallinn & Estonia Renting Flat & Accommodation” and “International students of EKA”

When renting an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the location and number of bedrooms, so the general price range can be from €250–€900. Additionally to the rent, the utilities costs (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage etc. ) are also going to vary depending on the type of apartment and the season. The price range in summer time can be from €80–€150, while in winter time can be from €120–€250.

It is common for international students to share bigger flats in the city centre. Rental prices in the centre may be a bit more expensive but one can cut costs and time on transportation. Splitting the rent among friends may offer an opportunity to find great accommodation at an affordable price.



Some hostels offer long-term stay. You usually need to send them an e-mail inquiring long-term prices. Discounts for extended stays may be offered by hostels. We advise that you read reviews of hostels (i.e Tripadvisor) to help you to choose the best place for you:


Feel Good Hostel

16 eur hostels

Euphoria Hostel

Welcome Hostel

Tallinn Old Town Hostels

Co-renting with other students

Many students share flats and exchange information about free rooms etc via Facbook groups. There are mainly two groups:


International students of EKA: