LAIK opens its first exhibition in Haapsalu

Haapsalu Linnagalerii

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The interdisciplinary art group LAIK invites you to the opening of their first retrospective exhibition in Haapsalu Linnagalerii [City Gallery]! For the audience from Tallinn we offer bus transportation.

Aim of the exhibition is to show our work process so far. In addition to video as well as sound and room installations we conduct in the course of the exhibition time also improvisational sound and performance art workshops.

At the opening 07.02.2015 at 15:00 a concert-workshop takes place conducted by Gerhard Lock and Juhan Vihterpal.


For audience from Tallinn a 23-seated bus (EstBus OÜ) is organized, starting 07.02.2015 at 13.30 in Georg Ots street next to Estonia Theatre building. Transportation back to Tallinn starts approximately 17:30.

To register to the bus we kindly ask you to write an email to Kaspar: Please add your name and your telephone number.


LAIK as a group started in November 2012 and its members are active in several different art practices. The collaboration of the artists was triggered by trying out different dialogue forms, aiming to support comprehending conscious and subconscious memory chain-processes both in the group and for the audience in a manner that the processes themselves become the outcome. If consciousnesses meet they just not only share knowledge. They change it, reshape, re-narrate – create new memory chains, being recorded (documented) in the socially constructed collective body, which has ben called by LAIK “Objekt MU [Object MY]”.

“Valgustung [Light appetence]” represents the next phase of the above described process, where several different spiritual as well as vision, tactile and auditory perception related concepts like awakening, opening, emancipation, setting free, appetence towards light are mirrored.

Group members: Anu Vask, Gerhard Lock, Jekaterina Kultajeva, Juhan Vihterpal, Kaspar Aus, Kristino Rav

We are thankful to the following supporters of the exhibition: Eesti Kultuurkapital [Estonian Cultural Endowment], EKA Uusmeedia õppetool [Estonian Arts Academy New Media Department] , OÜ Aare autod [Aare Cars], Loomeheli [Creativesound] OÜ, LaborArtory. Special thanks goes to the curator Agur Kruusing from Haapsalu Linnagalerii [City Gallery] and Hans-Gunter Lock (Loomeheli & EKA) for technical support.

The audience bus transportation is offered by EstBus OÜ.

LAIK homepage:

See you there!

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