BA programme admission information

Ceramics on Bachelor level is taught in the Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery and Blacksmithing (Klaas, keraamika, ehe ja sepis) programme. The study language is Estonian, minimum level of Estonian language skills must be B2.

More information https://www.artun.ee/erialad/keraamika/

MA programme admission information

Ceramics on Master’s level is taught in the Craft Studies MA programme. The study language is English and minimum level of English language skills must be B2.

Read more about the Craft Studies MA curricula.

Shot by Marek Metslaid
Shot by Marek Metslaid
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Shot by Marek Metslaid

News and events



The ceramics department of EKA is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. This exhibition is one of the events. The large-scale ceramic forms exhibited in Viimsi Artium have been completed as a first-year study project of the EKA Ceramics Department. The works planned and built during March and April have been fired in the beginning of May in the anagama-type kiln located in Tohisoo ...
Keraamika kannab

“Loading Ceramics” in Estonian Museum of Architecture

“Loading Ceramics” presents the results of an international short residency of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Architecture 3DL and Department of Ceramics, which synthesizes critical spatial thinking with material and parametric additive layering technology. The focus of collaborative robotic 3D printing of clay is targeted to the re-imagination and re-conceptualization of the ...
Keraamika kannab

Symposium “Loading Ceramics”

The symposium “Loading Ceramics” takes place on Tuesday, September 12th at 14:00 on the 1st Floor and the subsequent exhibition opens at 16:00 on the 3rd Floor of Estonian Architecture Museum. The opening of the exhibition “Loading Ceramics” will be accompanied by a thematic symposium highlighting the observations of the participating architects, designers, and artists. It will present the ...

To mold, To hold. Currents in Estonian ceramics

On 18 August at 7 p.m., the group exhibition "To mold, To hold. Currents in Estonian ceramics" will open at the ARS project space in Tallinn. "To mold, To hold. Currents in Estonian ceramics" includes a selection of ceramic works by prominent artists of the last century and contemporary artists and designers. A selection of works from the collections of the Estonian Artists Association and ...

Haeun Kim at Milan Design Week 2023

Haeun Kim, EKA Design and Crafts MA master’s student, participates in Isola’s joint exhibition “Tools&Craft” curated as part of Milan Design Week 2023 with his master’s thesis “Craft 2.0”, which deals with the research and development of co-creation processes between designers and artificial intelligence. In addition, Haeun conducts a public ...

Open Lecture: Neil Brownsword

Open lecture by Neil Brownsword at EKA Ceramics Workshop (B-602) on 17.11 at 17:30.   Neil Brownsword is a professor at Staffordshire University, who’s research focuses on post-industrial environment through ceramics industry and archaeology. His work explores the craft skill and its expression in material, form and performative repetitions. www.staffs.ac.uk/people/neil-brownsword

‘Synthesis of Landscapes’ at ARS

On Wednesday, October 12, at 18:00, we will open the joint art exhibition titled “Synthesis of Landscapes” by Art Academy students from four different departments at ARS Art Factory Studio 53 and 98 (Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn). The group exhibition uses the spatio-temporal outputs typical of installation art to question the artists’ individual observations about their living ...
  • In the Design & Crafts Master's programme, you learn to analyse and structure your thoughts, plus visualise them in a proper manner. You can experiment and polish your skills in your specific field, while also getting to know more about the practical sides of design, like branding and product development.
    Maria Sidorenko
    MA Design & Crafts (Ceramics) '16
    Designer and Co-owner of Upstairs Shop