Ceramic material can be used in the most diverse fields. Usually, we do not think that, in addition to the dishes and other household containers, we are surrounded by ceramic bathrooms, swimming pools and public spaces and ovens, fireplaces and even houses are often made of fired clay. We find top-quality ceramics in fields ranging from medicine and audio equipment to space technology. Clay is a sensitive, flexible and promising material for artistic self-expression, as well as for the technological exact sciences.

  • The faculty members of the Ceramics Department are recognised masters and artists in their field. Through the years, the department has developed close relationships with professionals around the world. Ceramic artists are a family, which is united by a passion for, and an interest in, the material.
  • The teaching method in the specialised subjects is usually based upon individual tutoring, and the ties between the faculty members and students are ingenuous and collegial. The priority of the students’ professional training is the development of creativity and individuality. Our curriculum is diverse and flexible, and takes into consideration the students’ personalities, as well as their individual abilities and skills.
  • The Estonian Academy of Arts is the only academic institution that educates professional ceramicists in Estonia. We have accepted the responsibility for preserving these professional skills now and in the future.

News and events


The EKA Department of Ceramics celebrates its 95th anniversary

The EKA Department of Ceramics is celebrating its 95th anniversary on 24–26 October. The full anniversary programme is accessible here: Wednesday 24 Oct 17:00 Opening of the Out of the Box exhibition in A400 Thursday 25 Oct in room B602 10:00 Welcome and 3D clay printing with a robotic arm – Urmas Puhkan, Lauri Kilusk, Kaiko Kivi 11:00 Pinching technique – Mirja Niemelä, Häme University of ...

Clay 3D Printing

Dates:  13-17 August 2018 Volume: 40 hours, 2 ECTS Location:  Estonian Academy of Arts Number of participants: max 13 Cost: FREE (Please note that this course is meant for higher education students only) Registration deadline:  6th of May In addition to the general required materials, candidates are expected to submit a letter of motivation explaining why they are applying and what is their ...
Expert committee: the Estonian Academy of Arts and its activities have visibility both in Estonia and internationally

Expert committee: the Estonian Academy of Arts and its activities have visibility both in Estonia and internationally

The Quality Assessment Council of the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA) has given institutional accreditation to the Estonian Academy of Arts for the maximum period of seven years. The international committee that carried out the assessment highlighted EAA’s thorough and participatory development activities and cooperation both within Estonia and ...


On 8th and 9th september, interior architects and designers from European countries will convene in Pärnu, Estonia to discuss the current issues surrounding our living space and to set new directions to enhance the profession as well as unify its standards across the European Union. Pärnu Rannahotell (Beach Hotel), designed by Anton Soans and Olev Siinmaa in 1935-37, is now one of the ...

Clay 3D Printing Workshop 2017

Tallinn Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture - Edge/ Blurring Boundaries is funded by European Regional Development Fund.
Open lecture: Helene Vetik 5.04.17

Open lecture: Helene Vetik 5.04.17

Graphic designer, blogger and enterpreneur Helene Vetik: Self presentation in internet. 10 years on the field – evolution of the field and myself. www.uustuus.eeOpen lecture series in the Faculty of Design

Exhibition of Ceramic student works from Oren Arbel workshop

Opening April 10, 4 pm at Löwenschede tower, Kooli 7, Tallinn
  • In the Design & Crafts Master's programme, you learn to analyse and structure your thoughts, plus visualise them in a proper manner. You can experiment and polish your skills in your specific field, while also getting to know more about the practical sides of design, like branding and product development.
    Maria Sidorenko
    MA Design & Crafts (Ceramics) '16
    Designer and Co-owner of Upstairs Shop