The Nominees for the Young Sculptor Award 2024 Revealed

NSPN 1st Prize 2023, Mara Kirchberg "Milking Almost a Gallon", detail. Photo: Mara Kirchberg

The jury of the exhibition selected 15 works from among the 39 authors’ works received for the competition of the Young Sculptor Prize Exhibition 2024, summoned by the EKA Installation and Sculpture Department. The nominees are Sandra Ernits, Iohan Figueroa, Chloé Geinoz, Aurelia Grace Talmon, Erik Hõim, Loora Kaubi, Ellen Emilie Laaksonen, Noah Emanuel Morrison, Sarah Noonan, Elise Marie Olesk, KitKit Para, Inessa Saarits, Asmus Soodla, Sonja Sutt and Ats-Anton Varustin.

The purpose of the Young Sculptor Award and the accompanying exhibition, which has been awarded since 2012, is to highlight and recognize the professional activities of young artists working in sculpture and installation.

The laureate of the Young Sculptor Award 2024 will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on February 29 at EKKM. Individual authors were invited to participate in the competition with a completed work, its further development or a new work being completed. Ideas created as shared authorship or group work could not be discussed.

Based on the submitted works, the commission will select 8-10 works that will be exhibited at the Young Sculptor Award exhibition at EKKM, February 29-11. March, 2024.

The laureate of the Young Sculptor Award 2024 will be announced at the opening of the exhibition. A 5-member jury, independent of the organizers, will make the decision in this regard.

Hanna Piksarv, Sten Saarits, Anna Mari Liivrand, Johannes Valdma, Rosa Violetta Grötsch, Johannes Luik, Siim Elmers, Sarah Nõmm, Junny Yeung and Mara Kirchberg have previously received the Young Sculptor Award.

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Posted by Andres Lõo