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Mart Talvar “Out of center” at HOP Gallery

"When flying off-center, a new centerpoint shall be found to regain the balance"  The opening of Mart Talvar's first solo exhibition Out of Center is taking place at 22 nd of March at HOP gallery from 6 PM and is talking about finding balance within the process of transformation. The theme of the exhibition began to unfold during his studies in the jewellery and blacksmithing department at ...


You are invited to the opening of the exhibition LET’S GET PHYGITAL and a guest talk, where the organisers Anneleen Swillen, Mala Siamptani and Darja Popolitova will discuss contemporary jewellery practices through the prism of digital technologies. The exhibition opening and a guest talk is on the 30th of November, 17:00–18:30. The exhibition is open from 30.11 to 18.12.2023. ...
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Randomain exhibition at ARS

On Thursday, 12th of October at 18:00, EKA Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery and Blacksmithing second year students open their collective art exhibition ‘Randomain’ at ARS Art Factory Studio 53/98. The exhibition features artwork created in a contemporary art workshop, united by the common theme of “randomness.” The artists view random occurrences as a creative tool for questioning established ...
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The exhibition “Fregment_21:12” by second-year jewelry and blacksmithing students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, will be held in the Long Leg Gate Tower of Old Town, Pikk Jalg 2, between May 19 and June 4. The exhibition reflects eight young artists’ curiosity about preserving something – what they think is worth keeping and passing on, and in what way. The desire to ...
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Creations of EKA alumni and students at the fashion show of the Cumulus Association conference in Antwerp

City of Fashion let international fashion institutions present their students’ creations at the closing night of the Cumulus Association conference organized by the University of Antwerp. From the EKA Student Works Fund EKA Jewellery and Blacksmithing alumni Bruno Lillemets' bracelets and Anni Voll's earrings and a necklace were exhibited at the Cumulus conference along with Liisa Torsus‘ ...
Urmas Lüüs and Hans-Otto Ojaste at HOP Gallery

Urmas Lüüs and Hans-Otto Ojaste at HOP Gallery

An Owl Screamed and the Samovar Hummed Without Stopping – a performative installation by Urmas Lüüs and Hans-Otto Ojaste at HOP Gallery from 11th May to 30th May 2023  EXHIBITION OPENING 17th MAY at 18:00 The performative installation An Owl Screamed and the Samovar Hummed Without Stopping sounds morelike an existential-dystopian comedy by genre. Artists have begun from where Anton Chekhov ...
  • Our Jewellery and Blacksmithing department is really strong in the field of contemporary jewellery. I learned not only technical or artistic approaches, but also the philosophy of jewellery art. In addition to being remarkable artists and teachers, Kadri Mälk and Tanel Veenre also give great business advice, like artist-gallery etiquette, image development, professionalism, etc.
    Sofia Hallik
    MA Jewellery and Blacksmithing '15
    Current PhD student