Department of Product Design

The Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Product Design is engaged with human-centred design. We have been training professional designers here for more than 50 years. Historically, product design study has focused on industrial design. The rapid development in the ICT sector has now broadened the term product design, and a new field – digital product design – now complements the previous field of industrial design (furniture, electronics etc.).

Our department allows study on the basis of two curricula:

  • the bachelor’s degree curriculum in Industrial and Digital Product Design,
  • master’s degree curriculum in Product Design.

Theupdated bachelor’s degree programme has two areas of specialization: industrial design (previously called product design) and digital product design. During the first semester, our students study together; then they can choose one area of specialization.

Due to labour market demand for digital product designers, in autumn 2018 we opened our digital product design area of specialization. This gave designers interested in the IT field the technical knowledge and digital design skills they needed.

In the Product Design master’s degree programme, we focus on design of objects. (Creation of digital solutions can be studied on the basis of the Academy of Arts Interaction Design curriculum).

Both bachelor’s and master’s programmes are practical in their nature: we solve real-life product development challenges in cooperation with businesses. In the 2017/2018 academic year, we designed a package drone for Cleveron, helped Europe’s best student company Festera with product development and created a vision of an e-donor environment for the North Estonia Medical Centre donor centre.

 “Design is a practical, interdisciplinary, human-centred, creative process that seeks for the best solutions for existing problems.” Martin Pärn, industrial designer, partner with the Iseasi design bureau.

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News and events

Pea_Foto_Priit Kangur

Product Designer Form: Priit Kangur

In the January product designer form, we introduce our cheerful master’s student Priit Kangur. Priit is a student with a practical mind and eager to learn, who has also successfully participated in the activities of Garage48 and is interested in everything related to design and design. Priit can always be found at events and workshops where product design students are active. Name: Priit ...
Beata Batejev

Product Designer Form: Beata Batejeva

In the November Product Designer Form, we introduce Beata Batejev, who likes to experiment, enjoys creating models and has discovered the charms of a 3D printer with which to test different materials. Beata is also fascinated by photography, and her interest in various technical and craft skills can lead to very interesting design solutions in the future. Name: Beata Batejev Position: Junior ...
Anette Jaaniso. Foto: Erakogu.

Product Design Form: Anette Jaaniso

The October Product Design Form takes us to the digital landscape with Anette Jaaniso. In terms of digital experiments so far, Anette has been most attracted to the world of games. We can bring out 3 of them – “Ylikool”, which was completed as the final project of the programming course at the University of Tartu; “Postcapitalism: A New Hope”, i.e. a self-initiated project, which resulted in ...
Tudengid Soomes.

Industrial and digital product design students study trip to Finland

In the last days of September, students in the 2nd year of Industrial and Digital Product Design of EKA went on a study trip to Finland as part of the intensive course named Sustainable Tourism and Mobility. The course was held in cooperation with Aalto University and the Vilnius Academy of Arts. During the study trip, EKA students carried out qualitative research in 2 groups, focusing ...
Argo Tamm keskkonnahoidliku istemööbli prototüübil

Argo Tamme’s diploma thesis in an article in Eesti Päevaleht

When autumn arrives, we again spend more time at home on the sofa, without paying any attention to the large carbon footprint of upholstered furniture. What is the life cycle of a sofa and how can we create more sustainable pieces of furniture? – these questions were taken up by Argo Tamm when writing his master’s thesis. Here we are sharing an Eesti Päevaleht article about Argo’s ...
Mõtus Lõmaš Kama

Product Design Form: Mõtus Lõmaš Kama

The Product Designer Form will start the new academic year still in the echo of the previous year. The September questionnaire was filled out by Mõtus Lõmaš Kama, a recent BA graduate (2022). Having studied industrial design, his physical objects have reached, for example, the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 exhibition with the limestone bench Kivialune. In addition, at the ...
Kertu Liisa Lepik

Product Design Form: Kertu Liisa Lepik

Kertu Liisa Lepik is a versatile 2-year industrial design student. She has a talent for expressing herself artistically, but he also has a strongly developed practical mind. While presenting at her speciality project evaluations, her sketchbooks are interesting to browse as they give an insight into how Kertu Liisa felt during the project and how her ideas developed – they are like an honest ...

Product Design Form: Ingrid Tärk

New month, new form, new face – this time Ingrid Tärk, a 2nd-year digital product design student, filled in the product design form. Ingrid has linked her travel passion and design knowledge by being active in NGO Partner Up Estonia. In addition, she is one of the supervisors of industrial and digital product design workshops for high school students. For the April humour corner, it can be ...

Student Work

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