Product Design Form: Rasmus Jurkatam

Name: Rasmus Jurkatam

Position: Bachelor’s 3rd year student

1. What projects do you currently have?

I am currently working on my undergraduate graduate thesis, which is a folding field Publication of table tennis table on open design principles. This means that everyone has a chance to have a product Download drawings and let yourself be used for personal use in a local CNC workshop to choose. Open design also questions the usual production and distribution models and Rendizes the role of Disainer and the Consumer.

2. What is your favorite phase about creating a product and what does it look like?

All the stages are actually interesting, but I think I like the phase of the idea. Sketch, make iter, build models, test, fail and do everything again.

  1. Paper and pencil vs. Digital Medium – Which one do you prefer?

I use both, I prefer paper and pencil in the idea phase, I can’t draw very much on my computer. Paper and a pencil can quickly record the idea. GDTechBook is in my bag all the time in case If an idea comes Later, of course, I will, of course, go over a 3D program where you can do things more precisely.

  1. What has been/was your favorite project while studying at EKA?

What discovery did you do for yourself? Favorite projects have been all that has been able to do spatial things. Perhaps two would come out. The first -year game project, where my graduation thesis began. Second, a slowness project, where the material was peat, would highlight. The material -based approach was Very complicated, especially since the material had to be invented first and only then could begin to think about what It would be behind it. Probably the first peat in furniture made in Estonia was born there is.

5. Guilty Pleasure or “Poor Design or Design” that do you secretly like?

My poor design Guilty Pleasure is a monoblock chair. It’s a plastic garden chair that all hate.

6. Something that the designer would have wanted to be?

I think my favorite chair. Mart Stam’s S34 Cantilever Tool. One of the most comfortable chairs where I I’ve been sitting.

7. 1 good reading that has inspired you professional?

(book, article, scientific literature or similar printed or online …)  I give two suggestions.

One is on the web and the other can be read on paper. The first is “Open Design Now”, unfortunately it is no longer available as a book, but all articles It is possible to read on the web. There you will find a selection of articles from open design, one of the most interesting design trends for me. Another book suggestion is Viktor Popa’s “Design for the real world”, which is just EAA Published under the publishing house. This is a prominent book that focuses on socially and environmentally Responsible design. The author emphasizes the need to rethink design processes so that they would better earn the needs of humanity and planet by presenting a challenge to traditional Design practices.

  1. What else fascinates you besides the design?

My long -time passion – photography. There, too, I like to solve problems and tasks. Most of the time I take pictures and portraits. There is no mosquito food somewhere in the wild I have patience.

  1. Which experience so far has shaped you as a designer and how?

I think most of all I have shaped me. Maybe you will stay some The idea is stuck and no longer sees anything else around you. Learning to let go of it has been one Major things for me.

  1. Portfolio (or something similar) – where can we get to know more about your work and activities?

I share my activities the most on Instagram,

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