Admission period starts on 1st of March 2018. The admission deadline for international applicants is 3rd of May 2018.

Please note, that almost all our Bachelor programs are taught in Estonian, with the exception of one BA program taught in Russian: Media Graphics.

Information about Bachelor programmes taught in Estonian.


Apply for Media Graphics HERE 

Exact times for interviews and tests will be sent after EAA has received all required documents.

Interviews/ Tests: 14.05.-23.05.2018

Admissions for all students will be announced not later than 25.05.2018.

Declining or accepting studies must be stated not later than 01.06.2018. 

Contracts with all students must be signed during 08.06.2018
at Estonia pst 7, room 530 at 10:00-16:00


• application for admission to BA study

• copy of certificate of secondary education and its translation into Estonian, English or Russian (both, copies and translations have to be notarized).

• transcript of records and its translation into Estonian, English or Russian (both, copies and translations have to be notarized).

• certificate of foreign language skills (attested copy) – if there is no foreign language skills results on the certificate of secondary education

• certificate of Estonian language skills (attested copy) – if applying to a program taught in Estonian

• copy of the data page of your passport or ID-card.

• Portfolio

• Application documents will be processed only after admission fee – 50 EUR – is received by the Estonian Academy of Arts. Please find further information here.••

• Tuition fee for Media Graphics: 2200 Euros per year

NB! Students graduating in Spring 2018 who are not able to submit their educational certificates by the requested deadline are asked to contact the International Student Adviser (

Please send all the required documents by post to the address below. Application documents will be processed only after we have received all the required documents.

Estonian Academy of Arts
Estonia pst 7
10143, Tallinn


For further information contact: