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Garnisoni 10 in Kuressaare

The LIFE heritageHOME project focuses on the energy performance improvement of residential (single or multi-family buildings) listed buildings and of residential buildings located within the borders of national conservation areas. The aim of the project is to assemble an integrated set of services that effectively surmounts the obstacles impeding energy-efficient renovations for heritage properties.

Historical buildings, moreover the ones of significant heritage value, usually have very poor energy performance in their original condition. The road to energy efficient home is much more challenging for the owners of historical buildings. As the architectural characteristics must be preserved, standard solutions that are feasible for other buildings will be unacceptable for heritage buildings if they bring a change in appearance and character. Built heritage is a cornerstone of the European identity and has an important role in creating and preserving community values and we-feeling.

The project’s scope includes the development and customization of necessary solutions for the integrated service, boosting the capabilities of key facilitators who support energy renovations for heritage homes, and creating a userfriendly digital platform. This platform will serve as a client-facing interface, making it effortless for property owners to access essential information and navigate the various steps required throughout their renovation journey.

The LIFE heritageHOME project, with a total project budget of 1,5 million euros, started in November 2023 and will end in October 2026. The grant is awarded by the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.

Ministry of Culture (main partner)
Estonian National Heritage Board
Ministry of Climate
Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)
Estonian Academy of Arts
ICOMOS Estonia.

See also: Estonian Research Information System (ETIS)

EKA Project Coordinator:
Kateriin Ambrozevits

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Posted by Maris Veeremäe