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Image or Sign: A Phenomenological Study of Pictorial Representation

Image or Sign: A Phenomenological Study of Pictorial Representation

The aim of my project is to defend the originality of Edmund Husserl’s phenomenological account of pictorial representation and to undermine the ...
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Historicizing Art: Knowledge Production in Art History in Estonia amidst Changing Ideologies and Disciplinary Developments

The main objective of the project is to examine the process of historicizing art by means of art historiography and knowledge production (writing ...

Readdressing Practices and Theories of Experimentation in the 20th- and 21st-Century Estonian Visual and Spatial Culture

The main aim of this project is to analyze experiment in Estonian visual and spatial culture, and to investigate its role in official economic ...

Algorithmic Processes in Wood in Architecture and Design

Research staff: Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam Duration: 2016–2020 Financed by Estonian Academy of Arts
Meaning-making in Digital Art, Games, and Artistic Research

Meaning-making in Digital Art, Games, and Artistic Research

The research project focuses on theoretical and practical questions about digital art, games, artistic research, and hybrid art practices. The ...

Estonian Churches: Development, Improvement and Completion of the Construction History, Conservation and Research Database (phase 2)

The aim of creating the Estonian churches’ database was to provide an internet environment accessible to the scholars, conservators and the ...

Development of the Discipline of Technical Art History for the Analysis of Cultural Heritage in Estonia

Technical art history is an interdisciplinary field of heritage studies combining methods from arts and sciences and uses contemporary ...

Studies of the Estonian 20th-Century Built Environment

This project contains two main focuses: the study of the 20th-century construction history, construction materials and their preservation on the ...

Christian Ackermann – the Arrogant and Talented Pheidias of Tallinn (part I)

Christian Ackermann was the most talented and scandalous wood carver of the baroque-era Estonia. By implementing the cutting edge investigation ...