Accessory Design

The studies in the Accessory Design speciality are comprised of two fields of activity – accessory design and traditional crafts – that use different materials and techniques. The accessory projects deal with the design of bags and footwear, as well as gloves and headwear. The students participate in competitions, cooperate with businesses, and develop both their individual and teamwork skills within the framework of the various specializations.

  • The aim of the Accessory Design is to provide a modern, high-quality and internationally recognized education and, at the same time, to preserve traditional specialized knowhow.
  • We respect the study process and offer a flexible and need-based curriculum, which will develop and take into account the students’ creativity, personality and individual preferences and wishes.
  • The combination of modern and traditional studies makes the Accessory Design speciality unique in the world, and provides broad-based knowledge about leather as a material, as well as the various fields of activity related to it.
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News and events

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Slippers Illustrated by Children Exhibited at Nautica

An exhibition of slippers illustrated by  the children from Tallinn Children’s Home awaits visitors at the Nautica Shopping Center Nautica Center opened an exhibition of illustrated slippers made by the children from Tallinn Children’s Home. Painted slippers were made in cooperation with the Accessories and Bookbinding Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the shoes were ...

EKA Students Boosting Children’s Creativity

As part of the workshop, EKA students design shoes for children in an orphanage. 12 foreign students from 8 European countries from the departments of product design, jewelery, ceramics, architecture, graphic design, photography are participating, none of whom have made shoes before. 12 children of Tallinn Children's Home are also learning to design and make shoes. The workshop also marks the ...

ERKI Fashion Show 2021

It is the time when a person can escape from the uncertainty and the surrounding panic by just using his/her imagination. ERKI Fashion Show, which is this year held for the 34th time, is the place where once a year everybody can forget themselves and their worries. This year’s ERKI Fashion Show will be held at Patarei Sea Fortress, one of the most popular places this summer. What makes ERKI ...

Online exhibition “Meanwhile”

“Meanwhile” is an online art exhibition presented by the 3rd year students of the Estonian Academy of Arts Textile Design and Accessory Design departments.  Material-sensitive artists focus on personal and universal observations on the topic of recycling and waste management. The effects of the pandemic and isolation can be clearly perceived in many artworks but the exhibition, established ...
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Open lecture: Marie Absolonova

Join us this Wednesday, 31.march at 11 am to hear a designer’s Marie Absolonova’s journey. Lecture is held in english and with registration:  Marie Absolonova is a footwear designer from Czech republic. She has entered the world of footwear fifteen years ago at high school, where she studied design and shoemaking. Since then, she has developed unique and ...
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Design & Crafts MA programme’s Online Open House

The Design & Crafts MA programme invites prospective MA students to join the programme’s Online Open House on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 17:00 (GMT+2). This will be a good opportunity to hear more about the programme, and to meet and ask questions directly from the department staff and current students. The open house event will be hosted online over Zoom. If you would like to attend, ...