The Department of Fashion Design provides instruction in clothes design and associated fields. Historical fashion design and its interpretations in time, innovation and new technologies, mapping the needs of target groups, creating brands, and environmentally aware thinking are only some of the diverse subject that are covered.
The department promotes creative and research work, organises exhibitions, encourages participation in exhibitions and fashion competitions, and cooperates with the fashion industry.
Graduates with BAs in fashion design are qualified as assistants to fashion designers, and graduates with MAs acquire the profession of fashion artist-designer.

  • Fashion artists and designers have been educated in Estonia for more than 70 years, the main strength of the department can be considered to be the continuity of the specialised education.
  • The assignment of the Department of Fashion Design is to provide BA and MA instruction that is internationally recognised, appropriately contemporary, yet directed toward the future. And to provide opportunities for increasing and ensuring the competitiveness of young fashion designers.
  • The continued interest in fashion design is proven by the large number of applicants who annually apply, and also by the constant demand of the fashion industry for new specialised and qualified talent. We all need fashionable new garments.

Birgit Saviauk – young talent of Mittelmoda

Fashion designer Birgit Saviauk has won a special price for the use of technolocial techniques in the well known Italian fashion contest Mittelmoda. The supervisior of the master’s thesis “Experimental surfaces and color changing fibers – knitwear for men” was Prof. Piret Puppart (MA).

The 24th International Lab of Mittelmoda- Fashion Award 2017 was designed to give young talents an opportunity to introduce their innovative solutions at the fashion world of Milan and to provide support for fresh ideas.

There were 23 collections of talented designeres from different countries at the international competition. The four special prizes were awarded by the IEG Italian Exhibition Group and Origin – Passion and Beliefs.

Created in 1993, Mittelmoda is one of the oldest and most respected international fashion competitions for young talents. 

More info at: https://blog.trendstop.com/2017/06/international-lab-of-mittelmoda-2017/

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Anu Rieberg – grand prix in fashion competition “Pecherski KasHtany”

“Pecherski Kashtany” is an international competition for young designers of costume. The 17th competition took place in Kiev. 

Anu Rieberg, who showed her collection “Followed It” won a first place in Pret-A-Porter category. The winner also received an intensive course at the Paris Fashion Studio summer school. 

The competition organized by the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design included participants from Ukraine, Baltic States and other European countries. There were several different categories in the competition: Pret-A-Porter, Pret-A-Porter de lux, Special (footwear), Pro Art and Folk.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/pecherskie.kashtany/

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Final destination

On Thursday, June 8, 2017 graduating fashion designers of Estonian Academy of Arts will meet for one day at ISFAG to present their fashion collections as exhibits, catwalk and performance.

11 designers creations are curatored by Rauno Zubko. Dj Martin Aedla, Abramova and Ketomees are playing the vinyls.


8 designers of 11 showed their collections at ERKI fashion show, where Frida Jõe won the ERKI Grand Prix, Evgeniya Dolgopolova won a PÖFF special prize, Elisabetta Silvestri won a special prize to participate in the Moscow Fashion Week show “Russian Silhouette” and Tauri Västrik got a opportunity to travel to London where he gets a short course in the prestigious Central Saint Martins. In addition to the ERKI fashion show, Anu Rieberg attended the international fashion show “Pecherski Kashtany” held in Kiev, where she won the first place in the “pret-a-porter” category.

Kristel Kuslapuu, last fall nominee for the golden needel in Tallinn Fashion Week, also will show her latest creations. For the first time, Liisbet Saue and Veera Lustina, will show their collections.

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Experimental forms in the KUMU Art Museum

The experimental form exhibition ”Pulss” (Pulse) is exhibited in the pedestrian tunnel of KUMU Art Museum May 20 – June 20, 2017.

The core of the exhibition is the play of experimental forms and non-traditional materials in a utopian and fantasy way. The source of the exhibit is red carpet that is known from fashion shows and gala’s.

Experimental forms were completed in the master class under the supervison of the fashion designer Liisi Eesmaa. Feeling the borders of the material and red color and also blood circulation created a new and never ending reality. This kind of exhibition format is a first timer in KUMU Art Museum.

The Marit Illison and Liisi Eesmaa courses have already become a tradition. The forms of previous years were born from plastic pipes, plywood and paper as well as old posters, proving that creative ideas have the vitality to grow on the most unusual ground.

Creative leader and stylist of the exhibition: Liisi Eesmaa

Designers: Kristin Sigus, Emma Leoni, Edvard Hiietam, Külli-Triin Laanet, Karita Kärmet, Hannes Rüütel, Kreet Kärner, Nele Kurvits, Beatrice Randkivi, Lotte Raisch, Andreas Kübar

Photos: Riina Varol

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/261878530952419/?active_tab=about

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Exhibition Kittel ja põll (Smock and Apron) in the TV Tower

On the 17th of May Teletorns panoramic floor will open a new exhibition called “Kittel ja põll”.

The display will return us to Soviet Union. Already the third exhibition of Estonian Academy of Arts fashion department, but this time the clothing of a socialist time housewife will gain the limelight. 

“In fashion history, the most prominent themes are haute couture or avant garde. But what did our mothers and grandmothers wore on daily basis in the 80’s in Estonia?” is the question asked by fashion students of the II course. 

Nostalgia brings us back to the deficient 80’s and makes us recall the times when there was nothing available. As clothes were hard to get, the smock was a life savior, it could wear, smear and tear. But this didn’t mean that it was just a boring garment at home. The few opportunities that women had lit up their creativity and sense of fashion. The simple fabrics were decorated with commercially available lace, colored garments and plastic buttons.

We also recall the aprons that were used to sweep clean jam mouths and dirty hands. We bring multicolored patterns, bold color combinations and ingenious design ideas to the viewers, that are still in the back of our closets thanks to our mothers and grandmothers.

The exhibition remains open til the 1st of October in the TV Tower.

The exhibiton was organized by Estonian Academy of Arts fashion deparment students: Kertu Kivisik, Sirli Pohlak, Kaia Kuusmann, Pamela Põld, Mari-Ly Kapp, Sandra Luks, Kerttu Reinmaa, Aleksanda Tšusovljanova Närjanen, Kätilin Haak, Sirli Lehtsalu

Lector and curator: Maiu Rõõmus

Photographer: Oliver Moosus

Make-up: Mari-Ly Kapp

We thank costume rental “Maiu Mood” and all the people who helped with the historical pieces: Maiu Rõõmus, Helinde Mäeots, Maila Kasepõld, Rita Riisalu, Kati Kuusmann, Krista Kilter, Karin Lood, Helgi Kokk, Juta Kokk, Laura Raudkivi, Piret Puppart, Mare Mikita, Milvi Pohlak, Triin Tint, Airi Gailit, Piia Kivisik, Leili Tali, Ave Härg, Linda Lääts, Urve Kivonogova, Marilin Assafrei, Maret Assafrei, Edvard Hiietam, Klaara Kaarlõpp, Vilma Kivimägi, Elle, Evi Hütt, Sirli Laanesaar, Piret Tegova, Svetlana Tšusovljanova, Olga Tšusovljanova, Kaleria Istomina, Aliide Madi, Hilje Murdla, Sirli Laanemets, Kristi Gutham

Special thanks: Stella firma, Solveig Jahnke, TV Tower, EKA fashion department and TTHK.


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ERKI Fashion Show retrospective exhibition “1982-2017”

On 5 May, the first retrospective exhibition on the history of the ERKI Fashion Show will open in the Tallinn Department Store’s display cases lining Estonia pst. The exhibition presents the most fascinating part of the items that have graced the runway over the last 30 years. A TV screen displays 24 hours’ worth of unforgettable footage. 

The exhibition design team include EAA students Aleksandre Valetto, Sidney Lepp, Kristel Akerman, Epp Voolma, Eliise Proos, Hanna Saagpakk and fashion enthusiasts Mattis Rump ning Marilin Assafrei. The supervisors are Piret Puppart and Marit Ahven

The exhibition is an introduction to the ERKI Fashion Show, which will be held this year for the 30th time on 27 May, followed by a fashion industry conference with international presenters on 28 May. A book, ERKI Fashion Show 30, will also be published. 

The retrospective will be supplemented with a special collection created by now-legendary designers for the anniversary show. It will be on display in the Naistemaailm (women’s department) of the Tallinn Department Store. The exhibition will run until 13 June. 

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Exhibition “Analogue” at Haapsalu City Gallery

Master’s degree students in the EAA fashion and textile design programme have followed the development and applications of smart textiles with interest. They gained a better understanding of the interactive potential of inspiring analogue devices by studying the nature and inner life of technology and designing with their own hands functional smart materials and articles of clothing. They experimented with various ideas and materials until distinctive materials or wearable prototypes were created.

The articles could be seen at an exhibition at the Haapsalu City Gallery from 5-30 April 2017.

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Wear-Arts cooperation project with Tallinn Dolls company

The clothing collection “The Art Club”, presented at Defitsiit fashion centre on 15 March 2017, evoked youth, art and freedom. In the Wear-Arts collection, which fuses fashion and the art world, clothing fashion met the works of Estonian artists who inspired the students (Jüri Arrak, Maarit Murka, Leonhard Lapin and others).

The core idea of the fashion collection was to bring art closer to people and promote the use of artists’ copyrights in fashion design. The supervisors were Marit Ahven, Agne Talu-Vürmer and Margarita Teeääre.

”Fashion is like a canvas that brings art closer to people’s consciousness and carries it forward,” said Wear-Arts creator Mari Martin, adding that she was especially surprised at the high-quality and modern manner in which young fashion designers interpreted the art perspective. After the TFW opening show, the collection was placed on sale on the innovative fashion platform www.pre-o-porter.com

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DragRace & NO99

A grand costume spectacular called DragRace was performed at NO99 Theatre on 4 and 5 February 2017: The director was Jüri Nael, head stylist was Gerly Tinn and photographer was Toomas Volkmann. The performance took place in collaboration with NO99, the Academy of Music and Theatre Drama School, EAA and Grimmikool.

Under the experienced hand of Gerly Tinn, more than a dozen drag queens were dressed up in as authentic and impressive manner as possible. It was a challenge in its own right to take into account the technical requirements related to the movement trajectories of the actors. The stylistic work required familiarity with and analysis of the inner workings of the subculture, and an understanding of nuances in the context of culture, politics and self-expression.

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EAA fashion student Elisabetta Silvestri appears on the prestigious notjustalable.com list

Elisabetta Silvestri, who is on track for a bachelor’s degree in the EAA Department of Fashion Design, is an exchange student from Italy. A hard-working student who has adapted surprisingly well, she has stood out for her distinctive ideas and means of expression. In 2016, her ERKI Fashion Show collection wowed the public. Elisabetta is the first student studying in the fashion department whose activities or collection (“The Year of the Monkey” in this case) have been listed on notjustalable.com.

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Fashion students triumph at the biggest creative industries hackathon in the Baltics!

The keywords of Creative Hack, held for the third time on 27-29 January, were innovation and entertainment. The focus was on music, film, motion pictures, fashion, games, performing arts and cultural heritage. In 48 hours, over 100 designers, programmers, business developers and creatives developed unique digital solutions at the Baltic Film and Media School.

The top three teams included a number of students from the EAA fashion speciality:

· Nele Kurvits and Edvard Hiietamm, who have a BA from EAA – 3rd place for ”Fashlab”

· master’s degree student Piret Mägi – 2nd place for “Wear my Closet”

· master’s degree student Susanna Peters – 1st place for ”Thank You” 

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International faculty semester

During the 2016/2017 autumn semester, the third-year BA elective “Fashion as Art” was supervised by a pair of internationally acclaimed conceptualists who founded the fashion brand MAREUNROLS, Rolands Peterkops and Marite Mastina from Riga. The subject, which delved into the stories, impulses and sources of inspiration behind the completion of artistic projects, culminated in an exhibition at the EAA Gallery.


Master’s degree students could also experience studying under the multitalented Kristian Steinberg. The men’s fashion trailblazer and Saint Martins University of the Arts alumnus carried out an abstract fashion project centring on the creation of a fashion collection informed by modern art and fashion trends. The project culminated with the execution and presentation of prototypes at the Creative Hub. The EAA teaching staff member responsible for the project was Marit Ahven.


The third visiting teaching staff member was professor Basia Szkutnicka – an acclaimed fashion lecturer, fashion and textile design programme director, designer and creative consultant from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (ITC), designer and creative consultant, and the author of several textbooks (Professor of Practice and Programme Leader MA Fashion & Textile Design). The topic of the workshop for master’s degree students was the conceptual design of footwear.


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Alpacas in the house! Students’ collaboration with the Wile Alpaka brand

5 September to 9 December 2016

Second-year students in the fashion and textile design speciality put themselves to the test in cooperation with a company In knitting lessons, students developed a product series using natural South American alpaca yarns, of which Wile Alpaca brand reps chose five models for production (women’s dress, tunic and sweater; men’s sweater and pullover). Samples, pattern drawings and technical descriptions of models were also prepared. The process was supervised by Piret Puppart and Kerly Kaljuste.

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MINIMALISM at Creative Hub

MINIMALISM, an exhibition by four young EAA fashion students, was opened at the Creative Hub in cooperation between Tallinn Fashion Week and ERKI Fashion Show. It ran from 19-22 October 2016. On display were the collections that appeared at ERKI Fashion Show 2016: Mariliis Niine “LEgGOdt” (winner of ERKI Moeshow in 2016), Anni Kivisto “Amazigh”, Elisabetta Silvestri “The Year of Monkey” ja Évgeniya Dolgopolova “Hanging out with Bloody Gods”.

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Vietnam in the display window of Tallinn Department Store

On 7 September, “Made in Vietnam”, an exhibition of accessories made as individual work during a student programme, was opened in the display windows of Tallinn Department Store. Students received ideas from a symbiosis of local traditional knowledge from Estonia. The supervisor was Xenia Joost, a fashion designer who lives and works in Vietnam. Based in the small town of Hoi An for a couple of months, students had a behind-the-scenes look at mass production and they were brought up to date with Asia’s less vaunted advantages. They also assisted with the autumn fashion week collection and in the couture shops in the local old town. The participants in the two-month student programme were …

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Paula Gamble-Schwarz’s experimental materials

Master’s degree students in the specialities of textile, fashion and leather design had an opportunity from 5-16 September to take part in an interdisciplinary, experimental elective titled Material Inspiration: 3D & Surface Design (3 ECTS credits), supervised by Paula Gamble-Schwarz from the UK’s Loughborough University (School of the Arts, English and Drama). The workshop culminated in the completion and presentation of experimental material samples. 

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ETNO summer camp

Second year for fashion students is starting with a traditional summer camp with Anu Raud at Heimtal Museum. Students will have five days of being immersed in ETNO themes while staying in old village houses and exploring Anu Raud’s collections. Traditional items by the drawerful and cabinetful, the excitement of discovery, legendary storytelling evenings hosted by Anu, days of sun and wholesome farm food, picturesque views and petting the dog. All this will be doled out generously to kick off the autumn semester.

In the last two years, we have focused on looking for connections between light and ethnography. Last year, various facets of patterns revealed by light and realised as pühalike lampkleitidena, were in the focus, with the focus this time being on the patterns’ own capacity for radiating light. An allée of balls of hay appeared on the field, which in the dim late-night light aesthetically brightened the way for those walking down a lonely village road, making up a narrative conveyed in an archaic semiotic system. Supervisor of the practice in the speciality: Piret Puppart.

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Fashion student exhibition promotion picked as Postimees daily’s advertisement of the month

The best print ad in June was one for the EAA fashion students’ experimental form exhibition, “Unworldly”. The visual element was based on both the exhibition concept and the location. The designer, graphic design student Johanna Ruukholm, made a visual reference to the structural, ethereal forms of the works on display at the Tallinn TV Tower. The jury representative Kerstin Raidma said the ad emanated a design signature characteristic and well-suited to the EAA, and it also stood apart well from the everyday advertising, catching the eye with clean and minimalist treatment. 

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Unworldly forms at the Tallinn TV Tower

On 10 May, experimental forms designed by students in the fashion design speciality will appear at “sky level” at the Tallinn TV Tower. They took shape in a course supervised by fashion designer Liisi Eesmaa from materials supplied by the company Pipelife. In a post-apocalyptic exhibition called “Unworldly”, experimental materials meet dark fantasies, bellicose forms, cyberpunk and a yearning for outer space and eternal life.

Twelve fashion students and two intensive weeks in twisting hundreds of metres of plastic pipes and waste in a school building, and robust and obstinate starting materials underwent a metamorphosis into a streamlined and utopian fashion creation that pushes the envelope and reshapes standards. Liisi Eesmaa’s course is a continuation of the Department of Fashion Design’s series of experiments with form. Previous courses supervised by Marit Ilison experimented with wood, paper, recycled textile and other materials. “Unworldly” is already the second exhibition of experimental fashion design forms at the Tallinn TV Tower.



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ETNO in Ida-Viru County

An ethno-fashion show for Estonian Academy of Arts fashion students is taking place in Jõhvi Concert Hall’s glass gallery on 7 May as part of an international ballet festival. The performance is being led by Piret Puppart. The spectacle is inspired by Estonia’s national heritage, and it offers a modern whirlwind take on the rich ethnography storehouse. The choreographers have brought in further exotic notes that reflect their roots – elements from Chuvash and Mordvin culture that have a familiar, captivating ring. Folk music artist Katariin Raska has included a musical arrangement to add colour to the ethno fashion show. Mark Raidpere and Gregor Jürna’s shots of the fashion design can be seen at the “Sest pärimusest” photo exhibition, which will be on display in Jõhvi Concert Hall for several weeks.

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EAA students triumphs at “Habitus Baltija 2016”!

Estonian Academy of Arts fashion students were victorious at the Habitus Baltija 2016 fashion show held in Riga on 7-8 April. Third-year student Mariliis Niine’s collection “LegGOdt” won the award for best young designer. An invitation to participate in the IED Barcelona Summer School and a monetary prize for the competition were also awarded. 

The EAA beat eight universities to win the title of best fashion school.

The international competition featured 30 collections by 32 young designers from nine countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and Sweden. The competition was organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Academy of Arts.


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