Fashion Design

The Department of Fashion Design provides instruction in clothes design and associated fields. Historical fashion design and its interpretations in time, innovation and new technologies, mapping the needs of target groups, creating brands, and environmentally aware thinking are only some of the diverse subject that are covered.

The department promotes creative and research work, organises exhibitions, encourages participation in exhibitions and fashion competitions, and cooperates with the fashion industry.

Graduates with BAs in fashion design are qualified as assistants to fashion designers, and graduates with MAs acquire the profession of fashion artist-designer.

  • Fashion artists and designers have been educated in Estonia for more than 70 years, the main strength of the department can be considered to be the continuity of the specialised education.
  • The assignment of the Department of Fashion Design is to provide BA and MA instruction that is internationally recognised, appropriately contemporary, yet directed toward the future. And to provide opportunities for increasing and ensuring the competitiveness of young fashion designers.
  • The continued interest in fashion design is proven by the large number of applicants who annually apply, and also by the constant demand of the fashion industry for new specialised and qualified talent. We all need fashionable new garments.

News and events

EKA-notes-on-gender-FB _22

Exhibition “Notes on Fashion and Gender”

Exhibition "Notes on Fashion and Gender" on the 4th floor of Estonian Academy of Arts on 14–16 May 2022. Participants: Karl Martin Kelder, Hedy Kohv, Karolin Kärm, Maria Kristiin Peterson, Jentl Rietdij, Mairo Seire, Sanna Särekanno, Kirke Talu, Liis Tisler, Anni Vallsalu, Dana Lorên Vares This Saturday, the exhibition Notes on Fashion and Gender, which is outcome of the course Fashion and ...
Elav Hõbe näitus_Kaileen Palmsaar foto_Riina Varol

EKA designers at World Design Capital Valencia 2022 exhibition

The exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance", organized by the Estonian Association of Designers and the Estonian Academy of Arts, will be opened in Palacio de Colomina in Valencia, on May 9th, featuring innovative sustainable design solutions from more than 20 Estonian designers. The curator of the exhibition is the President of the Estonian Association of Designers, Ilona ...
ERKI Moeshow 2022 backstage

Deadline for ERKI Fashion Show 2022 design competition extended until March 21!

The ERKI Fashion Show of EKA will meet designers requests and extend the deadline for submitting designs. The designs are expected to be submitted by March 21, 6 pm. Due to the spread of the coronavirus and the current situation in society, we are responding to the competitors’ request for an extension of the deadline.  Thus, all high school graduates, currently studying at a university / ...

EKA “Open Windows” 2022 Exhibition

The exhibition “Open Windows” will reopen on the windows of the Library of EKA on February 21, at 4 pm. Through the exhibition of EKA windows, different specialities of EKA introduce their most outstanding projects and the latest creations of students. The exhibition can be viewed on the windows of the EKA Library on Põhja pst and Kotzebue streets and will remain open until March 14. ...

European top design schools launch a toolkit platform for teaching sustainable design

Centre for Sustainable Fashion, based at London College of Fashion, UAL announces the launch of FashionSEEDS (Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability), a brand new, free-to-use platform created to help fashion educators across the globe in exploring, teaching and learning sustainability practices in and through fashion design. Created by a European network of ...

Annika Kiidron-Roomets Won Silver Needle 2021!

The Gold and Silver Needle Gala (Kuldnõel, TFW), which took place on October 19-22, was incredibly significant for the fashion department of EKA – all Silver Needle (Hõbenõel) nominees are recent graduates or current students! The winner is Annika Kiidron-Roomets, who is fresh MA graduate. For the first time Kristel Jänes (Crystal Rabbit) and Karl Joonas Almaaa (KJA) were nominees, ...

ERKI Fashion Show 2021

It is the time when a person can escape from the uncertainty and the surrounding panic by just using his/her imagination. ERKI Fashion Show, which is this year held for the 34th time, is the place where once a year everybody can forget themselves and their worries. This year’s ERKI Fashion Show will be held at Patarei Sea Fortress, one of the most popular places this summer. What makes ERKI ...

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