Fashion Design

The Department of Fashion Design provides instruction in clothes design and associated fields. Historical fashion design and its interpretations in time, innovation and new technologies, mapping the needs of target groups, creating brands, and environmentally aware thinking are only some of the diverse subject that are covered.

The department promotes creative and research work, organises exhibitions, encourages participation in exhibitions and fashion competitions, and cooperates with the fashion industry.

Graduates with BAs in fashion design are qualified as assistants to fashion designers, and graduates with MAs acquire the profession of fashion artist-designer.

  • Fashion artists and designers have been educated in Estonia for more than 70 years, the main strength of the department can be considered to be the continuity of the specialised education.
  • The assignment of the Department of Fashion Design is to provide BA and MA instruction that is internationally recognised, appropriately contemporary, yet directed toward the future. And to provide opportunities for increasing and ensuring the competitiveness of young fashion designers.
  • The continued interest in fashion design is proven by the large number of applicants who annually apply, and also by the constant demand of the fashion industry for new specialised and qualified talent. We all need fashionable new garments.

News and events

EKRI show - Mariliis Niine

ERKI Fashion Show 2021 design competition

On January 18th ERKI Fashion Show 2021 team has announced the collection design draft competition! Boosting fashion since the 20th century ERKI Fashion Show, directed to young fashion designers, students and all sorts of fashionistas, is back with a push for the 2021 design competition. Participants have a chance to stun the audience with their craziest designs, wildest creative fantasies and ...
2020_Sille Luiga_Objects from Party's Over_Photo Sille Luiga

Design & Crafts MA programme’s Online Open House

The Design & Crafts MA programme invites prospective MA students to join the programme’s Online Open House on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 17:00 (GMT+2). This will be a good opportunity to hear more about the programme, and to meet and ask questions directly from the department staff and current students. The open house event will be hosted online over Zoom. If you would like to attend, ...
pitch viru x eka

EKA and Viru Keskus pushing young designers to world stage

On December 11th, the long-awaited new collections and business ideas of young designers of the VIRU x EAA Young Design Export Program will be presented. The collaboration between Viru Center and the Estonian Academy of Arts, which began at the beginning of this autumn, culminates in student pitches to an international committee that provides feedback on both the creativity of the projects ...

Fashion SEEDS – Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability

Fashion SEEDS is a project led by world leading institutions in Fashion Education spanning over the course of three years. It seeks to develop a Design-led Framework for Fashion Design Education in Sustainability able to impact transformational changes in the Fashion System in response to the fashion industry’s severe damage to our environment. A learning resource repository and ...

ERKI Fashion Show to announce competition for 2020

It is time to seek out the brightest ideas, because ERKI Fashion Show 2020 is on its way. Estonian Academy of Arts once again presents the biggest fashion event in Estonia, which is a platform for young fashion designers. It helps to encourage young people to present their unique creations to the public. ERKI is hoping to see creative and aspiring young people with crazy and enormously ...

EKA Summer Academy workshop “Sculptural Headwear – Couture Millinery”

During the sculptural headwear course, the participants will acquire techniques for moulding and draping headwear and making couture millinery in traditional materials. In addition to innovative and alternative solutions, the course will look into the history, functions and meaning of headwear. The workshop will introduce, based on the example of the Balenciaga fashion house in Paris, the ...
Photo-mittelmoda Nika Furlani

Birgit Saviauk – young talent of Mittelmoda

Fashion designer Birgit Saviauk has won a special price for the use of technolocial techniques in the well known Italian fashion contest Mittelmoda. The supervisior of the master’s thesis “Experimental surfaces and color changing fibers - knitwear for men” was Prof. Piret Puppart (MA). The 24th International Lab of Mittelmoda- Fashion Award 2017 was designed to give young talents an ...
Anu Rieberg – grand prix in fashion competition “Pecherski KasHtany”

Anu Rieberg – grand prix in fashion competition “Pecherski KasHtany”

“Pecherski Kashtany” is an international competition for young designers of costume. The 17th competition took place in Kiev. Anu Rieberg, who showed her collection “Followed It” won a first place in Pret-A-Porter category. The winner also received an intensive course at the Paris Fashion Studio summer school. The competition organized by the Kyiv National University of ...

Student Work