3DL/ARV hardware and software licences that can be borrowed for up to 30 days at a time:

Special software for CAD, BIM and generative modelling:

● McNeel Rhinoceros Grasshopper Lab Licenses Windows & Mac (cloud controlled and EAA floating licenses)
● Bentley Academic Network – Microstation, AECOsim Designer (cloud controlled floating licenses)
● Autodesk Education Master Suite – Revit, Dynamo, AutoCAD, Maya (available in the PC classroom and freely for educational purposes from Autodesk Education online portal).
● Graphisoft ArchiCAD (EAA floating licenses)
● SideFX Houdini (floating license)

Special software for the analysis and simulation of geoinformation:

● QGIS (free software)
● UCL Depthmap (fixed licences)
● NetLogo (free software) + custom add-ons developed by EAA
● Bentley Map, Descartes (cloud controlled floating licenses)
● MapInfo Professional (fixed licences)

Special software for analysis:

● Autodesk – Ecotect (floating license)
● Bentley – RAM, STAAD, AECOsim Energy Simulator, TAS (cloud controlled floating licenses)
● Energy+ (free software)
● Karamba3D parametric structural design and engineering environment of Grasshopper

Prototyping and digital environment output into the physical space for students who have completed the training:

● Laser cutter 100W with workspace 600x900mm
● Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer 215x215x300mm PLA, ABS, CPE, NYLON
● Stratasys Dimension SST 768 203x203x305mm FDM ABS plastic 3D printer + WaterStation for soluble support (3DL)
● FormLabs Form 1 SLA transparent resin 3D printer 125x125x165mm (3DL)
● Universal Robots UR10 6+axis cobot (collaborative robot) with 10kg maximum payload and 1300mm reach + clay 3D printing hardware and custom middleware (3DL)
● Dremel and Proxxon mill/drill units and hot wire cutting tools
● Handheld power and hot air hand tools

The digitalisation of 2D/3D/nD analogue / physical environment:

● Microscribe G2L 3D digitiser 1500mm diameter half-sphere and up to 0.43mm accuracy
● Leica Disto S910 3D and other laser distance measurers
● Microsoft Kinect Sensors
● Occipital Structure Sensor + iPad + Occipital Skanect software (portable 3D scanning)
● Agisoft Photoscan 3D photogrammetry software (small to large scale 3D scanning)
● DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone with Hasselblad Camera HDR 4K Video (planned missions)
● Flir E5 thermal camera
● Digital Microscope
● Epson A3, HP ScanJet A4 scanners
● Cloud printing A3 colour scanner/ laser printer/copy machine
● HP DesignJet 500 A1 format colour plotter
● Canon Photo quality A1 format colour plotter

Computing, simulation and storage resources:

● Dell Alienware Area 51 VR computer (see VR Lab)
● Sun Ultra 40M2 3D workstation
● Lenovo laptops and ThinkCentre Tiny desktop computers
● Apple Mac mini-computers
● RaspberryPi, Arduino etc
● Synology DiskStation DS1010+ RAID5+1 NAS
● Hitachi FullHD/2K projector + AppleTV Wireless Display
● Kenwood 5.1 channel surround sound receiver