Architecture and Urban Planning

The art of creating and building systems

Architecture creates a material framework and conditions for the functioning and development of the whole society. In a narrower sense, architecture is the art of creating and building systems.

It is often thought that an architect only designs houses, but in reality that is only a small, albeit a prominent part of the architect’s work. Architecture also includes learning about engineering and the humanities, as well as various software, building endless models and prototypes to create and experiment with new structures and worlds.

The most important part of architectural education takes place as practical work in a studio, in an environment similar to an architectural office, where a real project is born from the initial sketches. The studio work is supported by theory and engineering subjects, painting, drawing and experimental studios. The latter is related to the laboratories of the Faculty of Architecture (3D Laboratory, VR Laboratory, Material Laboratory) and the research work carried out in it, where it is possible to touch the fringes of space creation. There you can acquire knowledge and specialize in restoration, landscape architecture or planning.

Our vision for the future

Architects have the difficult task of giving modern technology a commonly comprehensible material form and face in accordance with cultural expectations; create a whole from parts whose value is greater than the sum of any individual parts. Architecture is meant to constantly innovate, rebuild and offer different visions of the future – this is also one of the important ambitions of EKA’s architecture programme.

EKA is the only university in Estonia where the Curriculum of Architecture and Urban Planning has been recognized by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, which opens up the possibility to work in the European Union. An architect who has graduated from EKA will be awarded a diploma in architecture, a level 7 professional qualification.

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News and events


The Young Architect Award was given to Johan Tali

The Estonian Association of Architects announced Johan Tali, an architect of the architectural firm Molumba and a doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Arts, as the winner of the Young Architect Award 2021 at the award ceremony held in Kumu on June 15.

Defended master’s thesis in architecture and urban planning

On June 3 and 4, 2021, 14 young architects defended their master’s degrees at EKA. Mihkel Räni Raev  „Tehnoloogiline Paldiski“ Enriko Lill „Generatiivse disaini rakendamine planeeringute analüüsimisel“ Grete Liis Nagelmann „Kaasavad hoovid. Inimkeskne hooviruum Tallinna südalinna näitel“ Markus Puidak „Ressursikaitseseadus. Raudbetoonkonstruktsiooni peidetud ressurss“ Martin Niglas „Töö- ja ...
mur may eka (13 of 14)

A Tale of Persistence: Expanding on Decline in Ida-Virumaa

14th of May 2021, students of urban studies and interior architecture presented their findings with working with different conditions of decline by rethinking growth or adaptation in Ida-Virumaa. Their projects used varied mediums and techniques to examine formal and informal practices, debates in literature and applied studies. Urban models collaborative studio was tutored by Kristi ...
Markus Puidak

Markus Puidak received the Anton Uesson scholarship

This year, the Anton Uesson scholarship of the city of Tallinn was won by Markus Puidak, a master’s student of architecture and urban planning at EKA. The committee assessed the topicality of the topic of the master’s thesis “Resource Protection Area – Tallinn City Center” and the approach aimed at sustainable consumption from the aspect of space use. Master’s theses are supervised by Martin ...
mattias malk - by stefano carnelli

Mattias Malk was awarded a Raestipendium Scholarship

This year, Mattias Malk, a doctoral student, lecturer, urbanist and photographer majoring in architecture and urban planning, was awarded the City of Tallinn Raestipendium Scholarship. Mattias’ research interests include urban space and mobility, the history of architecture, interdisciplinarity and the use of creative methods in urban research. The topic of his doctoral dissertation focuses ...

A Tale of Persistence: Expanding on Decline in Ida-Virumaa

In Ida-Virumaa the politics of the climate neutral futures, the deprived status quo and the infrastructures inherited from the past intensively meet, showing multiple endings but also some possible new beginnings. The landscapes of Ida-Viru, where distinguishing between the man-made and the natural has become increasingly difficult, conceal something we might describe with the word ‘hope’. ...

Private House. Studio Project II, 2017/2018

You can read the booklet here. The course began with a lecture followed by smaller tasks to lead students to contemplating on the essence of a private house. First, in groups of three, the students studied the characteristics of private houses and good solutions abroad. It was followed by an independent task to create an abstract model featuring all the aspects that the student considers ...

Shelter. Studio Project II, 2016/2017

You can read the booklet here. The aim of the first-year students’ spring term task is to introduce the prerequisites, reasons and possibilities of architecture. In their search for solutions, students need to explore and consider the relations between man and his surroundings. The task is divided into two parts. In the more theoretical section, students pose general philosophical ...

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