Graphics Students in the “Impact 12” Exhibition in Bristol

Photo: Eve Kask. Graphics Students in the “Impact 12” Exhibition in Bristol

From 20.09 to 25.09.2022, EKA graphic arts students participated in the exhibition “When our hearts were fragile” in Bristol (UWE, Frenchay Campus) accompanying the global graphics conference “Impact 12”. 

The students of the graphic arts department of the Estonian Academy of Arts shared their experiences from that fragile time when two-thirds of the study time was spent in isolation and seven months ago, Putin’s Russia started an unprecedentedly cruel war against Ukraine.

We showed gravure printing, screen printing, linoleum cutting, digital printing, and hand-made educational works, which were mostly made as artist’s books. Maria Izabella Lehtsaar, Lilles, Caroline Pajusaar, Johanna Rannu, Riina Reiners and Oscar Wirkström participated, curated by Eve Kask.



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Posted by Andres Lõo