ERKI Fashion Show

On May 25 the fashion event with the longest history in Estonia will return home – to the Estonian Academy of Arts.  In the new building fashion designers and audience, ambitious design and a critical jury, bubbling energy and playful fashion will reunite. You are welcome to take part in the powerful synergy of the reunited EKA and experience a show the like of which has never been seen before!

Roots of the ERKI Moeshow go back to the early 1980s, when art students organized first theatrical fashionshow to shock the audience.

Since then the event has continously grown, being today a jumping-board for future Estonian fashion creators and also bringing each year to the podium some guest designers from abroad. Our goals are to invest into Estonian talent and its reaching international arena and also with our passionate activities to develop specific fields and society as a whole.

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ERKI team

Team contact
EKA Disainiteaduskond
Põhja Puiestee 7

Main organizers

Karin Kiigemägi
Main Organizer

Kelli Turmann
509 2208

General organizers

Marie-Helene Jäger
Marten Sion


Jane Treima
Janette Roopa
Diana Drobot

Sponsor relations

Marie-Helene Jäger
Liisa Põldoja
Diana Drobot

Graphic Design

Cristopher Rogotovski
Johannes Veike
Ingel-Kristen Veevo
Birgita Siim
Eliisabet Kuslap
Aaro Veiderpass
Martin Kipper


Evelin Kruus
Daana-Loreen Kägra
Andrea Ainjärv
Skaidrite Mäesalu
Silvia Ilves


Liisa Põldoja
Carmen Sibbul
Erle Ellermaa
Ellen Hasselbach
Rachele Nagel
Marit Oja

ERKI satellite projects

Marilin Assafrei


08.03 На подачу заявки участника показа мод ERKI осталась всего пара дней @ Delfi
04.03 ERKI Moeshow’le kandideerimiseks on jäänud viimane nädal @ Anne & Stiil
12.02 ERKI Moeshow’le kandideerimiseks on jäänud neli nädalat @
12.02 ERKI Moeshow’le kandideerimiseks on jäänud neli nädalat Anne & Stiil
12.02 Заявки претендентов на участие в показе мод ERKI принимаются еще четыре недели @ Delfi
21.01 ERKI Moeshow uus konkurss on avatud @
17.01 “Снова вместе”. Стартовал конкурс молодых дизайнеров ERKI Moeshow 2019 @ Delfi
16.01. Tähelepanu noored moedisainerid! ERKI moeshow ootab osalejaid @ Postimees
15.01 Noorte moedisainerite konkurss on välja kuulutatud @ Anne & Stiil