ERKI Fashion Show 2024 design competition OPEN CALL

Collection by Ron Jonas Verlin, ERKI Fashion Show 2023. Photo: Mia Tohver
The legendary fashion show of the Estonian Academy of Arts, ERKI Fashion Show, once again invites designers to submit their works to the design competition from January 23rd 2024. ERKI Fashion Show has long encouraged young fashion designers to push the boundaries of their creativity and has also provided a supportive platform for their expression. ERKI Fashion Show is known for its freedom of thought and unique ideas, which have given impetus to many beginning designers and motivated them to take the next first steps in fashion. According to Karin Kiigemägi, who has been managing the show for the past seven years, the collections presented at the show have become more and more conceptual: “The collections presented must be evaluated based on different categories. The collections are all strong, but still have their own divisions among them. There are collections that are realized as installations, then there are collections that are immediately wearable and there are also haute couture collections. That’s why we considered it necessary to modernize the existing evaluation principles this year.” Designers studying in Estonia or abroad or who have already completed their education are invited to take part in the ERKI Fashion Show design competition, provided that no more than three years have passed since their studies. ERKI Fashion Show does not limit the theme of the author’s creation or the ways of execution, but the fashion designer must take into account certain criteria, which can be found in the ERKI 2024 regulations. The closing date for the competition, which starts on January 22, is March 11 at 18:00. By that time, the designs must be delivered to the design box marked with the ERKI Moeshow logo located in the lobby of the Estonian Academy of Arts or sent by mail to the address: Põhja pst 7, Tallinn, 10412, Estonia. The collections that will enter the ERKI Fashion Show on June 18 this year will be published by March 18 at the latest, when the chosen ones can be viewed on the ERKI Fashion Show 2024 website. All designers who successfully completed the competition will also be contacted personally. This time, all ERKI Fashion Show 2024 collections are also candidates for a financial award, which is divided into three categories according to the following categories: Pert-a-Porter, ready-to-wear, Fashion as Art, Innovative Approaches of Fashion. ERKI Fashion Show, which has become one of the most important fashion events in Estonia over the years, brings together true fashion enthusiasts from Estonia and abroad. Over the years, for example, the artistic director of the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Giovanni Ottonello, Roberta Einer, an Estonian fashion designer operating in London, Tanel Veerne, an accessory designer, and many others have been part of the ERKI Fashion Show jury. ERKI Fashion Show 2024 Head of Communications: Laura Kurs
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Posted by Andres Lõo