As an alliance, Transform4Europe creates an excellent base for strategic cooperation among universities. Higher education institutions and other parties involved are brought together in the knowledge and innovation ecosystem. 

The next step is to capitalize on these achievements. T4ERI will devise new strategies to harness this untapped potential, focusing on digital and environmental transformation for smart, sustainable, and inclusive regions.

True to the essence of the alliance, T4ERI will systematically collaborate with regional stakeholders from business and industry, culture, politics, and civil society at every step of the process. By 2024, T4ERI will have significantly increased collaboration in research and innovation across all disciplines. The goal is to enable joint access to key research infrastructure across the alliance. T4ERI also aims to launch one or more major joint research centers relating to its focus mission, to attract and retain excellent junior and established researchers, and to foster engagement. It’s important to involve civil society in research and innovation, further paving the way for the European University of the future.

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Contact: Pille Epner, Leading specialist of Research and Development

The project is co-funded by the Horizon Europe program