Faculty of Fine Arts

This is the place for those who want to deal with contemporary self-expression and reflection on society and oneself – in other words, to deal with ART, in the direct and most serious sense of the word.  Also with ANIMATION as story-telling, and SCENOGRAPHY as narrative, both on stage and in films. And currently, the most popular and diverse discipline – PHOTOGRAPHY.

Studies at the BA level are based on the ART curriculum, which enables the student to acquire skills and knowledge in the three traditional disciplines (painting, sculpture and installation and graphic arts), spiced with contemporary approaches as well as classical knowledge. At the BA level, separate curricula are also offered in PHOTOGRAPHY, ANIMATION and SCENOGRAPHY.

At the MA level, the ART curriculum enables the students to develop in the entire range of contemporary art (new media, photography, painting, graphic art, sculpture and installation, etc.) under the supervision of Estonia’s best contemporary artists in the respective departments/workshops, as well as in joint projects that continue throughout the semester, and are then exhibited.

At the MA level for ANIMATION, the students work on longer animation projects in an appropriate international context; in SCENOGRAPHY, the activities related to the MA curriculum are conducted in close cooperation with the Baltic Film and Media School, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, as well as many theatres.