ERASMUS+ programme for staff and teachers

In case you are a teacher at EKA and wish to teach in our partner university with ERASMUS+ programme or aim to apply for practical training in one of the EU institutions, please turn to International Office or find out more here.

Rules and regulations of the ERASMUS+ programme.


In case you are a teacher or a staff member from one of our partner institutions, you’re welcome to turn to the International Office in order for us to help organising your visit here.
Your visit must, in this case, be supported from your home institutions’ ERASMUS+ funds. KA107 (ERASMUS international credit mobility) activities must be agreed upon EKA’s International Office beforehand, since EKA is responsible of the funds in this case.

If you are an European level expert and have agreed with some of the departments at EKA that you will be conducting an ERASMUS+ teaching visit to the EKA, the forms below should be used.
Mobility Agreement for Teaching (for incoming experts)
Incoming Financial-agreement (for incoming experts)
We also need you to inform us about your nationality/birth date (for national tax registry). The grant shall be paid on your account with extraction of Estonian income tax – 20% from the total sum. These payments are made twice a month (on the 15th day of the month and on the last day of the month). Daily subsistence rate in Estonia is 140 EUR and ERASMUS+ distance calculator for distances and max travel grants must be used to calculate the sum eligible to support your travel.

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