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In April 2001, Erik Klas, the chairman of the Estonian National Culture
Foundation, and artist Ando Keskküla signed an agreement whereby the Estonian
Academy of Arts Fund was created as a subsidiary of the National Culture

The first donation of 20,000 EEK was made to the fund by Prof. Ando Keskküla, which was the prize money that he had received in 2000 from the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, for his solo exhibition The Mechanism of Rituals and his video Estonia’s Living Space.

The goal of the Estonian Academy of Arts Fund is to increase the quality of Estonian visual and material culture, and the competitiveness of domestic products. For this purpose, the fund provides grants for development projects directed at increasing the quality of university-level art and architecture education, and for strengthening competitiveness, as well as for the self-improvement of
faculty members and students.

The fund has two objectives:

1. Promotional
– to communicate the role of the Academy of Arts in the shaping of intellectual
and material culture. This presupposes as many donors/sponsors as possible,
while the size of the donation is not important.

2. Materialistic – to collect money and invest it, and to use the money that is
earned to finance the academy’s projects, and provide grants to students and
faculty members.  

Based on the contract, 75% of the earnings are paid out, and 25% are reinvested in the fund.

Contributions can be made to

Swedbank AS

a/a 221001101347

Ref: “Annetus Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Fondi