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Universities that have joined Transform4Europe, share the following postulates:


European transformation needs individuals who can actively contribute to shaping a world where well-being and sustainability are achievable.


To empower students, staff, and stakeholders to act as agents of transformation, universities are responsible for conveying the values, skills, and knowledge needed by all-round citizens with academic and societal responsibilities, starting from the local regions of the alliance and moving towards global citizenship.


In collaboration with their universities, the regions have significant potential to drive the transformation of Europe and the EEA as knowledge and innovation ecosystems.


European transformation concepts must be as diverse as Europe itself and require different perspectives, approaches, and solutions directly linked with and shared by the local and regional population. 

We are all deeply rooted in our regions. The partnership considers the diversity in size, background, expertise, and profile of its members as a strength since, together, they are capable of understanding the needs, expectations, and potential of most actors within the European Economic Area and can thus provide a diversity of approaches and perspectives to represent the territorial and cultural diversity of Europe fully.

Transform4Europe is focused on involving knowledge entrepreneurialism in the following areas:

  • digital transformation and smart regions
  • environmental transformation and sustainability
  • societal transformation, community building, and inclusion

Following the European Education Area, the Transform4Europe approach is completed by these transversal components:

  • Key competencies for lifelong learning
  • Digital skills, multilingualism, and intercultural competencies
  • Shared values and inclusive education