The Rauaniidi/Iron Thread Project

The architectural concept for the future home of the Estonian Academy of Arts comes from KUU Arhitektid.

Of the ten entries received in the architecture competition held for this purpose, the conceptual solution titled “Linea” by Estonian Academy of Arts graduates Joel Kopli, Koit Ojaliiv, Juhan Rohtla and Eik Hermann received first place.

The aspects praised most by the jury were the winning entry’s logical and efficient solution and its minimalist exterior architecture, which is respectful toward the existing built environment. The jury also had good words for the manner in which the interior courtyard side of the building opens into an outdoor area and the fact that the architects had a clear vision for addressing sustainable development needs.

The future Estonian Academy of Arts building will have approximately 12,000 square metres of enclosed net space. According to the current schedule, studies can start in the new building in 2018.