Faculty of Design

Welcome to the Estonian Academy of Arts’ faculty that offers the greatest possibilities!  Here, you will find the ancient art of blacksmithing, the heritage of Tallinn’s medieval masters as well as contemporary processing of materials, and innovative end-user thinking. We invite you to participate in discussions about the environment and material culture, to raise questions, and to find the best possible answers through your creativity. Often, this cannot be done alone, and you will need to cooperate with the representatives of other fields, but most importantly, with the actual users of the goods and services.

Modern materials and technologies change very rapidly, thereby changing our lifestyles and habits. Good design takes this into consideration, keeps up with new
developments, and is always meaningful and focused. An ethical designer
considers the lifespan of a product from its birth to death and even
thereafter, and knows how to point out the possibilities for recycling
materials and items.

You can also learn to be an industrial designer in the Faculty of Design, if you are
more interested in the unique creativity that is born in the course of
experimentation with materials and technological research, using personalised
techniques. Applied arts have an important role to play in creative enterprises.
An interesting glass or textile studio may become your workplace and lifestyle.
We will supply the knowledge to help you create it.

The Academy of Arts is special because here you can contrast yourself with everything useful and link your professional background with contemporary art’s often painful existential issues.

The Faculty of Design does not have any readymade answers for you – everything depends on you!

Please find more information about our Curricula
Design and Technology Futures
Design and Crafts (MA)
Jewellery and Blacksmithing
Graphic Design
Glass Art
Mediagraphics (RUS)
Fashion Design
Accessory Design 
Textile Design
Product Design
Art and Design (PHD)

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